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Takoyaki is a famous Japanese snack. This ball-shaped, savory pancake is filled with small octopus pieces, sliced onion, and more. It can be a light meal or a side dish, for example, with okonomiyaki or yakisoba (stir-fried noodles). These days, it is a popular snack nationwide, but it's particularly famous in Osaka. Along with okonomiyaki, having true original takoyaki should be on your Osaka to-do list. Heaps of takoyaki restaurants and food stalls are located throughout Osaka, especially around Dotonbori (the canal near Namba, south of the city center). You might want takoyaki at your home or hotel when you’re looking to relax after a long day. Maybe you're throwing a big party or simply drinking and feeling hungry. You could be thinking, "I want takoyaki but can't get it unless I go out," but that isn’t true. Some takoyaki stores offer delivery for your convenience.

We're here to feature the best takoyaki delivery shops in Osaka. Furthermore, some shops offer okonomiyaki and yakisoba for delivery as well. This means you can try all the Osaka favorites in just one order. Staying in doesn't mean missing out on a good time. Make your own izakaya at home and enjoy the Osaka flavor! Here's our countdown to the top takoyaki delivery shop in Osaka!

An image of classic takoyaki with Worcester sauce, spring onion, and bonito flakes.

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First up is Karitoro, which specializes in unique takoyaki compared to other shops. Their main restaurant is located in Juso, north of Umeda, which is the central business district in Osaka. Our pick is in east Umeda,where there are many restaurants, izakaya (Japanese pubs), and bars. Situated in a prime nighttime location, this takoyaki restaurant is casual, therefore attracting many customers with their services.

Their basic takoyaki has a crispy surface and juicy inside. It's popular with business people and bar workers. Takoyaki is mostly served with Worcester sauce, but Karitoro’s already has flavor with the base so you don't need any sauce. If you want the original takoyaki taste, don't worry! You can pick Worcester sauce flavor. Other flavors Karitoro offers are ponzu (soy sauce, vinegar, and yuzu juice), soy sauce, and salt. Sliced spring onions are included, but you can get extra for just 50 yen.

If you are lucky, you can enjoy the limited edition takoyaki sauces, such as ponzu with grated radish and melted cheese. Ask the store for more details. You can order six, nine, or twelve takoyaki balls per package. It is 500 yen for six takoyaki, 600 yen for nine takoyaki and 800 yen for twelve takoyaki. If you order two or more packages, discounted prices apply.


The popular store in Umeda offers delivery between 6 pm and 3 am. The minimum cost for delivery is 1000 yen. Delivery is only possible in the Umeda district. If you are not staying or living there, you can drink at a bar in the area and ask an employee for takoyaki delivery.

Phone number: 06-6311-8106

Address: 9-6 Doyamacho, Kita-ku, Osaka

Logo for Pin-Tako, a Dotonbori Takoyaki Delivery Shop.

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Secondly, we have Pin-Tako, which is in the Minami district. Minami has many established takoyaki restaurants in competition. This takoyaki restaurant stays popular due to their flavors. The fluffiness inside the takoyaki balls provides a delicious and enjoyable experience.

Pin-Tako has many flavors and toppings, including customer favorites.The options range from basic to ponzu sauce with grated radish, and roulette takoyaki. Extra toppings are available with sliced spring onions, cheese, kimchi, and more. Roulette takoyaki is especially ideal for a drinking game. But get ready to eat some very spicy takoyaki if you decide to play!

Pin-Tako also offers main meals and finger foods. These include sauce flavored yakisoba (stir-fried noodle), tonkatsu (deep fried pork) bento (meal box) with rice, edamame (boiled soybeans), and chips. All these foods can also be delivered. You can host a Japanese food party, have a simple drinking game with roulette takoyaki, or get a snack. Whatever you decide, you will enjoy some of the best from Minami’s takoyaki district.


Pin-Tako offers delivery from 6 pm to 5 am and takes phone orders until 4:45 am. They are open seven days a week, 365 days a year. Delivery has a 500 yen minimum order in the Minami district. If you are outside that area, delivery requires a 1,000 yen minimum order.

Phone number: 06-6211-0119

Address: 1st Floor, 7-19 Souemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka

(Disclaimer: Temporarily closed due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Please check online before ordering.)

Takoyaki Ebisu location in Nipponbashi.

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Our third feature is Takoyaki Ebisu which has three locations in Nipponbashi (East of Namba), Daikokucho (South of Namba), and Dotonbori. All three offer delivery service. Compared to the stores mentioned above, more flavors and toppings are available here.

You can create your own takoyaki and therefore a great Osaka memory. Takoyaki balls are available in packages of 8, 12, 16, or 20. In addition, half-and-half 12 packs are available, allowing you to enjoy two flavors at once! Ebisu's authentic flavours are spicy and include thick ponzu sauce with sudachi (Japanese fruit, similar to lemon). Extra charge toppings include sesame oil, salty plum (ume), cheese, and more. You can even order soup tako for dipping your takoyaki.

Additional dishes available are yakisoba, yakiudon (stir-fried noodle), and yakimeshi (stir-fried rice added to yakisoba), also with the option of extra toppings. If you like different foods with small plates, à la carte dishes are also available. A wide range of small dishes, from grilled beef or edamame, to teppanyaki (iron-cooked pork, seafood, etc) or pickles will complete your at-home izakaya. But don't forget, takoyaki is the main small dish!


Ordering at least two meal servings is required. Delivery services are available during the store's business hours. Information for each brach is listed below.


Opening hours: 11 am to 5 am

Phone: 06-6213-7776

Address: 1-10-12 Nipponbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka


Opening hours: 5 pm to 3 am

Phone: 06-6631-8881

Address: 3-6-6 Shikitsu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka


Opening hours: 11 am to 5 am

Phone: 06-6213-8886

Address: 5-3, 1 Chome-Higashi Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Shinsaibashi location of Tako Tako King: a popular takoyaki shop that offers delivery in the Demae-ten specialty shop.

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Similarly to Takoyaki Ebisu, Tako Tako King is also a takoyaki chain restaurant with five different locations in central Osaka or the Minami District. However, delivery only operates through the Demae-ten (delivery store). The takoyaki here uses a traditional recipe from a staff member who grew up in Downtown Osaka. Therefore, many Osaka locals love Tako Tako King due to their familiar flavors. Tako Tako King is also known for their positive attitude, big takoyaki balls, and treating their customers well.  

Basic takoyaki packages are available at 400 yen for six balls and 500 yen for eight balls. You can choose one of the following flavors - takoyaki sauce with mayonnaise, soy sauce, salt, ponzu, or mayonnaise with cod eggs. If you want different flavors, you can get a combo with 16 balls. These are flavored with sauce mayonnaise, spring onions and ponzu, mayonnaise with cod eggs and salt. Takoyaki with extra sliced spring onions on top is also available.

You can also enjoy other traditional Osaka dishes such as okonomiyaki, yakisoba, yakiudon and teppanyaki. In addition, rice bowl meals, finger foods, and even soft drinks can be delivered to your place. They also offer authentic grilled gyoza (dumpling) to add to your takoyaki and main dishes. As for rice, they provide main dishes such as kimchi flavored fried rice and yakimeshi. And of course, they provide rice bowls and onigiri (rice balls) as side dishes. Available soft drinks include coke and oolong tea. Please ask the store for more information.


Tako Tako King Demae-ten opens from 7pm to 5am, Monday through Saturday. The store is happy to deliver even one plate, as long as it costs 500 yen or more. Your dish will arrive with a positive, energetic attitude to go along with it. The takoyaki delivery store offers delivery services in the surrounding area. We recommend checking to see if you’re within the delivery zone.

Phone: 06-6212-0073

Address: 1-21 Souemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka

A cute plate with the Creo-ru mascot.

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Finally, the top takoyaki delivery store is Creo-ru Dotonbori. This place is located in the Kuidaore district of Dotonbori, facing the canal on the Southern side between two main streets of Central Osaka. Kuidaore means eating until you become poor. Creo-ru can definitely cause this, as their top quality takoyaki leaves tourists and locals very satisfied.

Their base is mixed with seven different flours and toppings are carefully selected to preserve this premier quality. Sauce and soy sauce flavored takoyaki can be found at other places, so having takoyaki with truffle and salt flavour is highly recommended, as this is Creo-ru's authentic takoyaki. Packages of eight and 12 pieces are available on their delivery menu.

Despite having fewer delivery dishes compared to other takoyaki delivery shops, Creo-ru is the only takoyaki delivery store to offer another Osaka specialty: kushikatsu. Kusikatsu is deep fried food served on skewers. The food is a mix of beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and vegetables. The golden rule for enjoying kushikatsu is to never dip skewers into sauces twice! Other than kushikatsu, like other restaurants, you can order yakisoba, okonomiyaki, stir-fried noodles, rice, and finger foods.

If you love the delivery takoyaki from Creo-ru and want to try something different, you can have specials that are only available in-house. These include medium cooked egg and sliced spring onions on takoyaki and cool lemon juice flavoured takoyaki. In-house dishes of other cuisines are also available.


Creo-ru takes delivery orders between 10am and 9pm within the Osaka City Council. Delivery minimum is 2000 yen.

Phone: 06-6211-2203

Address: 1-6-4 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka


Osakans' passion for food, especially local cuisine, is reflected by the takoyaki delivery services provided by takoyaki stores. They want customers to enjoy their delicious takoyaki at their home or hotel no matter if they specialize in takoyaki only, like Karitoro, or offer various cuisines like Tako Tako King.

There are several options for delivery takoyaki. If you want Karitoro’s expert takoyaki, but you’re not in the Umeda district, you can opt for visiting a bar in Umeda, and politely asking the bartender to order delivery. Otherwise, you can enjoy takoyaki from places such as Pin Tako in Minami, or any of the other featured takoyaki delivery stores. Unique takoyaki and other dishes are available, allowing you to have top quality takoyaki and Osaka cuisine within your own home.

Lastly, lots of different flavours come with takoyaki and recipes differ in various takoyaki stores. And you’ll be eager to try in-house takoyaki at Creo-ru once you enjoy their delivery takoyaki. After all this takoyaki taste testing, you can become a Kuidaore legend in Osaka. However, the story begins with purchasing from a takoyaki delivery store. And using our guide, you can choose where you’d like to begin your journey.

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