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Ramen is perhaps one of the most famous dishes in Japanese cuisine. It is remarkably versatile, with many different broths and toppings. As you might expect, Japanese ramen is completely different from the ramen you can find overseas. You might order miso ramen with pork (chashu), shio ramen with narutomaki, or tonkatsu ramen with boiled eggs and scallions. There are so many different combinations. And every ramen shop prepares their dishes a little differently than the others.

With other approximately 35,330 ramen shops throughout Japan, finding the best might be a difficult task. It’s definitely worth a try though! Here is a list of some of the most popular and best ramen joints in Osaka that have been featured in the Michelin Guide. You know you can't go wrong!


The Best Ramen in Osaka - Michelin Guide Ramen Joints - Hayato

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First opened in February 2015, this bustling corner store has been praised by many popular food publications, including the Michelin Guide. Many people have called it the best ramen in Osaka. With only seven seats, you can expect a waiting line here most of the time.

Ramen Hayato has a cozy traditional interior. It has bar seating, and you can watch as the chefs prepare your meal for you. Their shio ramen and miso ramen are two of their most popular dishes. The ingredients combine to create a transcendent dining experience that has earned Ramen Hayato its Michelin Star. Their toppings are flavorful too. The chashu is delightful. And their menma is also popular if you’re looking for that unique Japanese flavor. This restaurant is a great place to eat alone or with friends. Highly recommended by all, you can’t go wrong with Ramen Hayato!

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The Best Ramen in Osaka - Michelin Guide Ramen Joints - Junk Story

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With a huge sign that shows a steaming bowl of ramen and the shop’s title is large stylish letters, you know even before you walk in that you are in for a treat. It is easy to spot too. This should make your journey through the city a little easier. It has a tight interior, but the décor is the kind of wonderful you’d expect from a Michelin starred restaurant.

The food is just as unique as the shop itself. Junk Story is famous for both ramen and soba. In both cases, the noodles are perfect. They offer an exceptional array of delicious toppings, so don’t be afraid to load your plate. And most patrons claim that this place has the best broth in Osaka, if not the best ramen. Junk Story offers a unique, authentic dining experience that makes it truly deserving of its spot in the Michelin Guide. Here, quality atmosphere and quality flavor go hand-in-hand. Be sure to give Ramen Style Junk Story a visit on your search for the best ramen in Osaka!

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This popular ramen shop is one of the more spacious locations. Many claim Wadachi as a contender for the best ramen in Osaka. The shop is bright with a welcoming friendly atmosphere. This comforting atmosphere and friendly staff certainly attracted the attention of Michelin, along with many others. Their food is as just as comforting.

They have all the variety you expect from a ramen shop, but the quantity never hurts the quality. Delicious aromas emit from the pork and the broth and will possess you with hunger. It is common in this shop to see patrons eating until their dish is completely clean. But the fantastic toppings are what have earned this shop its Michelin status. Whether you get pork, nori, bean sprouts, or narutomaki, all the flavors seem to come together in perfect balance. With the great food and a great atmosphere, you’ll be leaving Wadachi with a great feeling.

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THE BEST RAMEN IN OSAKA 4. GYO GYO GYO (だしが命の塩らーめん ぎょぎょぎょ)

The Best Ramen in Osaka - Michelin Guide Ramen Joints - Gyogyogyo

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If seafood is what you’re looking for, Dashiga Inochi Ramen GyoGyoGyo will have the best ramen for you. This restaurant does things its own way, making every aspect of the experience unconventional and fresh. GyoGyoGyo’s unique approach to shio ramen undoubtedly caught the attention of the Michelin Guide.

Sure, they have traditional ingredients like chashu and green onions. But you won’t see any old ramen shop adding baby corn and snap peas into the mix. They also offer a seafood based broth that fills their modern interior with oceanic aromas. And they dish out their food fast considering they are one of the bigger stores on the list as it’s being prepared. GyoGyoGyo may not look unique at first glance, but it is sure to offer an unforgettable ramen experience.

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The Best Ramen in Osaka - Michelin Guide Ramen Joints - Moeyo

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Offering a fresh style with both its atmosphere and its food, Moeyo Mensuke is one of the most popular in Osaka. This restaurant has the praise and waiting lines characteristic of a Michelin starred ramen shop. When you finally enter the shop, you find yourself in a bright and welcoming environment. The smell of great ramen is always in the air. And in addition to making great food, the staff make you feel right at home.

Other ramen shops are usually famous for their toppings or broth. Moeyo Mensuke is frequently praised for having the best noodles in Osaka. The noodles are so good that they rival all the Michelin approved ramen shops in Osaka. They have the perfectly smooth texture, the perfect taste, and they allow for maximum slurp-ability. Watching chefs prepare delicious food right in front of you is a special sight to see. This place seems to have it all. It has the unique atmosphere and style. The ramen is flawless on all accounts. At Moeyo Mensuke, the preparation is as much a spectacle as the meal itself. Moeyo Mensuke is pure Japanese dining, and it might be the best ramen in Osaka.

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If you’re on the hunt for the best ramen in Osaka, there are an almost overwhelming amount of possibilities. The Michelin Guide is a great place to start.

Ramen offers more variety than the most other dishes in the world. The restaurants that serve it are just as unique and varied. Even if you get the same combination of broth and toppings at different shops, the experience still won’t be the same. What a wonder that such magnificent food can be offered at such a reasonable price. If you’re in Osaka and you want the true Japanese dining experience, visit one of these shops and order a hearty bowl of ramen!