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As a foreigner in Japan, you may be unaware of the craft beer life in Osaka. As much as the rest of the world, Osaka is famous when it comes to craft beer. When we need to kick back after a long day with an ice-cold pilsner, we can't think of anything else that can replace beer. Better yet, delicious craft beer is offered perfectly with other delicious food. Why don't we spend this precious moment in a good atmosphere as well? Even though you may be miles away from home, there is no need to worry. Luckily, Osaka has is full of bars that serve Japan's most raved craft beers.

Although you may not find your every day go-to beer, traveling is about trying new things. Our list here includes bars that are popular and have high-ratings by local customers. These bars are chosen for their beer, food, and atmosphere. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will find a bar in Osaka that is perfect for you. By reading our list of bars, find out why previous tourists and local customers love these Osaka craft beer spots!

Craft beer in Osaka - Kamikaze draft

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Osaka is packed with full of bars that have a great variety of craft beers on tap. In this section, you can find ciders, pilsners, IPA’s, and even dark lagers. Is your mouth watering yet?


One of the most highly rated bars is Kamikaze Craft Beer Works. Kamikaze is located in the Nishi ward of Osaka and is close to Nishi-Ohashi station. This bar offers over 23 varieties of craft beer from all over on tap. One of their most popular is a pale ale from Yo-Ho Brewing. Other options include white, i.p.a, red lagers, dark lagers, and fruity ciders. Each beer comes in a chilled glass with as much foam as you desire. Adding to that, you can order your favorite beer in a small glass, half-pint, or American pint. If you find it difficult to decide, you can also order a flight of beer. This allows you to try 4 flavors at once!

There is no need to worry if there is someone in your party that does not drink beer since Kamikaze serves plenty of wines and other hard liquors as well. There are also plenty of tasty snacks to keep you satisfied. With all of these, there is absolutely no reason to end the party early. Go out and enjoy your time at Kamikaze!


Another bar with a great variety of craft beer is Craft Beer Market. This bar is located in the Kita ward of Osaka. You can easily access this bar directly from the Osaka Umeda station. Craft Beer Market is dedicated to serving craft beer in Osaka. They opened this bar during the craft beer boom in Japan. Under this influence, they offer beer from all over the world, including Japan. Therefore, it is likely that you may find one of your favorites. Or else, you can also try something new! They serve 20 different craft beers on tap so you are sure to find something that suits you. But keep in mind, they change their draft list daily, so the options don’t last long. You may want to try them as much as possible.

Craft Beer Market has a food menu that pairs foods and beers to make the perfect combination. You can satisfy both your hunger and thirst in one stop. Furthermore, when you are done you can buy bottled beer, which can be helpful because you can take it with you.


Yellow Ape Craft is a bar found in the Chuo ward of Osaka. Just a short distance walk from Kitahama station. A cool feature about this bar is the fact that it offers craft beers exclusively from Japan. Therefore, you can experience a large variety of Japanese beer in one stop. Getting excited? You can choose from 20 different varieties available on tap. The selections change based on the season so everything is fresh and refreshing!

Yellow Ape Craft also offers nomihoudai courses. This can be translated into all-you-can-drink beer. Usually, this means you can drink bottomless beer from a set menu for 2 hours. Moreover, these bottomless beer courses include tasty food items as well. But be careful not to come and drink on an empty stomach. If the nomihoudai course is too much, you can order a flight of beer instead. This allows you to sample 4 beers for a much lower price.

Craft beer Osaka Vibes

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The bars featured in this section are popular based on the atmosphere. At these bars, you can drink craft beer and hang out for a relaxing evening. Some of these places are holes in the wall, and some are luxurious. Read more to find out why these Osaka craft beer breweries are all about flavor, vibe, and entertainment.


Opened in 2012, Craft Beer Base is a classy and chic bar that is found in the Kita ward of Osaka. You can get here by a short walk from Osaka Umeda station. The mission of this bar is to allow customers to taste many varieties of beer. Therefore, they offer many palate-cleansing side dishes. They also brew their own beer in 5 large tanks. You can take a tour of these tanks at their brewing base, known as Craft Beer Base brewing lab. Keep in mind that this bar is only open until 9:30 pm from Thursday until Sunday. This bar is located at the center of many bars, so you can keep exploring even after it closes.

Another cool feature about Craft Beer Base is their online store. On the online store, you can mix and match sets for either 6 or 24 bottles. You will have hundreds of bottled craft beers to choose from.


Another great bar known for its warm atmosphere is TNT Craft Beer Pub. This quaint bar is located in the Nishi ward of Osaka and can be accessed from the Taisho station. TNT is a Japanese - American fusion bar with an edge. The interior features an American bar design, but it is represented in a way that makes it feel authentic Japanese. They offer 5 craft beers on tap, and over 100 varieties bottled. Most of what they offer is popular craft beers found in America and Japan. They also serve fusion foods, which pair greatly with their selection of beer.

Fun times don't stop with the beer at TNT. As a matter of fact, TNT features live concert bands, as they also host parties and events! The atmosphere can be anything between calm to hyped. You never know what to expect. This is a great place to make new friends while drinking crisp cold craft beer.


Craft Beer House Molto is located in the Kita ward of Osaka. It can easily be accessed from the Osaka Umeda station. Molto is a fun venue located on the 31st floor of the Hankyu Grand building. This venue is very relaxed with mood lighting and beautiful city views. Don’t let the shopping mall fool you, the interior is luxurious. You may want to dress up. Also, this bar gives you the perfect vantage point for taking pictures of the Osaka night view while drinking refreshing craft beer. This view will be sure to take your breath away.

Molto is an Italian inspired bar, which means they serve amazing Italian fusion foods. They offer both tabehoudai (all you can eat) and nomihoudai (all you can drink) plans. Although it may be a bit pricy, it is definitely worth the experience. They can accommodate parties of up to 25 people, but be sure to call the bar ahead to check for availability. If you want to have a great time with a large group of people, this can be an option!

Craft beer in Osaka - beer and yakiniku

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Food can really add to the quality of craft beer. There is nothing better than a cold beer with a tasty bite to eat. If you find yourself thirsty and hungry, these next items are for you.


Located in Nanba, Dotonbori Craftbeer Brewery has delicious food. They are located near Nippombashi station. Dotonbori Craft offers many traditional Japanese meals, such as nabe (hot pot) and fried tempura. Takoyaki and craft beer make a great pairing. Another great feature about this spot is that they brew craft beer in-house. They get their inspiration from Dotonbori, Osaka. Therefore, craft beer brewed here is designed to include subtle notes found throughout Osaka. They also offer other popular craft beers found in Japan.

You can order all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink plans here. If you want your good times to last, this is an ideal place to go. They also have traditional style tables. If you want to try this, be sure to dress appropriately. Since it is near Dotonbori, you can explore the city or find some clubs to hang out when you are done.


Another good spot is the Beer Belly. This bar is located close to The National Museum of Art in the Nishi ward of Osaka. You can Access Beer Belly via Higobashi station. This bar is owned by award-winning Minoh brewing. The brewery is located just outside of Osaka, making it a local classic. As the name suggests, your stomach will become full of beer and delicious food here. This bar is stylized to replicate a pub found in Brooklyn, UK. Even though they focus mainly on their food, they offer a good selection of craft beer as well. You can choose from ten different varieties on tap. The selections here come from the UK and Japan.

The food served here is very satisfying. Since this is a Japanese bar inspired by UK culture, it offers amazing fusion foods. Some of these items include fried vegetables and soups. They also offer sausages, burgers, and fried side dishes.


Craft Beer Gulp puts as much dedication in their craft beer as they do their food. It is conveniently located in the Chuo ward of Osaka. It can be accessed directly from the Osaka Namba station. Craft Beer Gulp serves 10 varieties of craft beers on tap which changes every day. They update their daily selection on Facebook. Be sure to check out their page. Their selections include both foreign and domestic beers, so there will be something you will love.

They serve food that is high-quality and have plenty of menu items to choose from. You will find fish, burgers, fried foods, and more. To be honest, you might be more excited to try the food at this location. That is why this place has great reviews for both the beer and the food!  


One great advantage of the bars in Osaka is that they often have foreign influence. Therefore, these bars would be a great location for you and your friends to experience other cultures while in Japan. To discuss some interesting points, bars in Japan are generally different than their US counterparts. The first reason is they are often smaller therefore can be crowded. Second, the bar owners like to engage with their customers. It is not uncommon to spark up a conversation.

Keep in mind that some places are cash-only. Make sure you hit up an ATM at a local convenience store if necessary. Moreover, some places are able to accommodate groups, and some cannot. Be sure to plan any outing beforehand. Another bit of information, all-you-can-eat or drink courses can be purchased for groups at some bars. Everyone will pay a base fee and will be served for a set amount of time. Lastly, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and leave any unnecessary valuables at home. Some bars and clubs stay open until 5 am. Therefore, there is less to worry about if you stay out late. Now that we have completed the list, go ahead and enjoy these exciting bars to make forever memories! You can be classy or casual, and hopefully, you will enjoy your time! Please refer to our list to find your No.1 bar in Osaka!