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When visiting somewhere new, one of the best experiences available is tasting the foods served there. If you think about Japanese cuisine, the first thing you might think of eating is some nice, fresh sushi. However, that is certainly not the only scrumptious treat that you can find in Japan. If you look deeper, you can find that there is far more to the Japanese cuisine than sushi. While fish is definitely a popular dish here, the yakiniku (焼肉, Japanese BBQ) in Japan is not easily forgotten. There is even an area within Osaka that is famous for it's many yakiniku options. Tsuruhashi, located within the Ikuno Ward of Osaka, is filled with many famed eateries dedicated to the art of yakiniku. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a high-class fine dining experience, there is something for you in the city stretch outside of Osaka’s Tsuruhashi station.

If you’re coming from Osaka station, just hop onto the Osaka Loop Line bound for Tennoji. This will take you directly to Tsuruhashi station in 16 minutes. After hopping off of the train, exit the station from the northwest side. Once you're out, head for the Korean Street in the Shimoajihara block of Tsuruhashi. Our journey for yakiniku eateries in Osaka’s Tsuruhashi begins here. Don’t be afraid to pay a visit to any of these spots even if you don’t speak Japanese. The staff are very accommodating and often have English speaking staff available or pictures of the items on the menu. Most of these restaurants do not have English menus available, but that won’t take away from your experience.

Photograph of menu item served at Sora Tsuruhashi Honten

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The first stop on our search for some scrumptious yakiniku brings us to Sora Tsuruhashi Honten. This restaurant is the perfect spot for those who are looking for some delicious eats on a budget. Sora Tsuruhashi Honten is only a 3 minute walk away from Tsuruhashi station. It is northwest of Tsuruhashi Station and north of the Kintetsu Osaka train line on the popular Korean street of Osaka. Don’t let the prices here fool you! There is certainly some great quality here that is quite the bang for your buck. The restaurant claims that it has twice as much food per plate as other restaurants, and that is absolutely true! Dishes start for as low as¥500, so this deal is definitely a steal that you can’t ignore. If you’re looking to try some yakiniku for a good price, you can't go wrong with Sora Tsuruhashi Honten.

If you're not sure what cut of meat to try, Sora Tsuruhashi Honten is a great place to start. There are many different options to choose from here. Whether you want to keep it safe or you’re interested in trying something more adventurous, you'll find a satisfying meal here. This place is tiny but bustling. You might have to wait for a seat, especially if you plan to visit around dinnertime. The turnover rate is quick though. If you do have to wait you shouldn’t expect to wait all night. This restaurant may be better suited for individuals or for smaller groups because of its small size. The menu at this restaurant is in Japanese, but there are staff available that can speak English or Mandarin Chinese. They can offer you some guidance if you don’t speak Japanese.

Photograph of lunch dish at Yakiniku Meigetsu

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The second place we will be paying a visit to is the Yakiniku Meigetsu, a tasty Yakiniku treat that is only a stone’s throw away from Tsuruhashi station. Like Sora Tsuruhashi Honten, Yakiniku Meigetsu is very close to Tsuruhashi station. It is northwest of Tsuruhashi Station and north of the Kintetsu Osaka train line. This is only a one minute walk away from the station! Yakiniku Meigestu has excellent thinly sliced high quality meats that are served alongside delicious beef stew and noodles as well as kimchi. You can get all of this for as little as ¥1,200. However, if you want to splurge on a feast for a special night, you could spend ¥4,500 per person. The wonderful food options available at Yakiniku Meigetsu are delicious when paired with a glass of sake or beer.

Yakiniku Meigetsu does not have an English menu. However, the employees are more than happy to show pictures or explain the menu. Speaking Japanese is not a necessity if you are interested in dining here, so don’t be shy. There is also a second floor of this restaurant that you can dine in a traditional Japanese style. The second floor includes a tatami room where you can sit on the floor and fully embrace the Japanese dining experience. Since this restaurant is a little bit bigger, it could potentially be suitable for larger groups of people. So if you would like to visit with a group of friends, Yakiniku Meigetsu would be a great fit. This doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have just as much fun traveling here alone though. The options available for everyone will ensure that you have an enjoyable meal.

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The next place on our journey is Tsuruichi, a tried and true Yakiniku restaurant that has been around since 1948. Tsuruichi is in the same area as both Yakiniku Meigetsu and Sora Tsuruhashi Honten. You’ll have to walk just a little further down the Korean Street of Osaka, but it is still just a stone’s throw away. This restaurant is northwest of the Tsuruhashi station and north of the Kintetsu Osaka line at only 4 minutes away . If you’re worried about your clothes smelling like grilled meat for the rest of your trip, don’t fret. You can grill your own meat to your heart’s content on Tsuruichi’s smokeless roasters and walk away feeling fully satisfied and leave the savory scents behind. This restaurant is very group-friendly, and there are even options that are available for children.

There are different sets that you can choose from for your meal depending upon the time of day you visit. During lunchtime, there are variety of meal sets that come with three different types of meats. Galbi and buchimgae are both Korean delicacies that you can get here which are highly sought after. The Tsuruichi Set is the most popular set to order during dinnertime. It costs about ¥6,000 and can comfortably feed two to three people. There are also an assortment of seasoned vegetables to choose from as well as an extensive all-you-can-drink menu. While Tsuruichi is more expensive than the restaurants on this list before it, you can be confident that the prices that you’ll pay will be worth it. Come get the delicious yakiniku here that has been served in Tsuruhashi for more than 70 years.

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Our fourth stop on the list is Gyuichi Honten. Gyuichi Honten has a wide variety of items for an even wider variety of prices. You are most certain to find something delicious here that fits within whatever budget you choose. Much like the earlier restaurants, Gyuichi Honten is located in the Korean Street area of Tsuruhashi, Osaka. It is roughly a five minute walk from the northwestern side of Tsuruhashi station. Like other great yakiniku spots, you can grill your own meats to perfection and enjoy the meal your way. Pairing some sake or beer with the savory meats at Gyuichi Honten is the most popular way to enjoy your relaxing evening feast. This restaurant is not only for dinnertime though. There is an extensive menu available during lunch that comes with a side of tasty white rice.

At ¥1,800 you can get a lunch set that is both delicious and satisfying. The delectable meat cuts come with a side of rice and vegetables that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. The higher priced meal sets are reserved for the dinnertime hours. You can spend up to ¥7,000 on a high-end meal suitable for any special occasion. The higher-end meals are only the best quality that will make you want to come back for more. There is no English menu, but the staff supply excellent service and guidance. They will help you choose a meal that is both delicious and within your budget. Whether you’re looking for a nice afternoon meat dish or a savory high-class dinner, Gyuichi Honten will most certainly have something for you.

Photograph of different yakiniku options available at Karara Uehonmachi in Tsuruhashi

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Our last but certainly not least Yakiniku spot is Karara Uehonmachi. A trip to Karara Uehonmachi will most certainly cost you some money and some time. It is about a 10 minute walk and has the highest price range on this list, but it will all be worth it once you taste the wonderful rare beef cuts. Karara Uehonmachi is located in the same area as the other restaurants on this list. It is in Tsuruhashi north of the Kintetsu line and northwest of Tsuruhashi station in the Korean Street area. Unlike the others, though, Karara Uehonmachi might actually be a little bit closer to the other station nearby, Osaka-Uehonmachi. It is on the Kintetsu line like the Tsuruhashi station, but it is one stop further East. If you want to save a few minutes, it may be best to hop off of the train at this station instead.

This restaurant is suitable for group gatherings, and children are welcome. There is not an English menu available here. However, the staff are very helpful and more than happy to assist you with selecting the perfect meal. This place is perfect for the meat lover with a high-class palate. Some of the best cuts on the market are available here. Loins, Wagyu, and Megane are some of the many savory options that you can get here. Of course this luxury will come at a cost. At the most expensive on the list, most meals at Karara Uehonmachi will cost between ¥6,000 and ¥7,900. If you’re willing to splurge a little bit for luxury, I can promise you that your experience will be one you won't forget.


If you're craving some wonderful yakiniku in Osaka, the Korean Street in Tsuruhashi is the place to go. If you’re anywhere near Osaka station then you definitely aren’t far from foodie paradise. A quick train ride to Tsuruhashi station will take you straight down the delicious Korean Street of Osaka. Perhaps you want the delicious eats on a budget at Sora Tsuruhashi Honten. Or you fancy the delectable classy meals at Karara Uehonmachi. There are options for everyone with any budget to thoroughly enjoy. Maybe you’re traveling alone or with family, want something simple, or are interested in tasting a new adventurous dish. Either way, there is something here for everyone.

Yakiniku is an absolute delicacy that every meat enthusiast should experience when they come to Osaka. Grab a quick cheap bite to eat at Sora Tsuruhashi Honten, sit down for some quality thinly sliced meats at Yakiniku Meigetsu, or enjoy the historic eats at Tsuruichi. Taste the wide variety of options and prices at Gyuichi Honten, or the luxury of Karara Uehonmachi. The wonderful restaurants in this list are some of the best around in Osaka. With that being said, this list doesn't contain every good yakiniku eatery in Tsuruhashi. There are definitely many more delicious places to eat on the Korean Street alone. Only through exploring all that Osaka has to offer can you truly know what the best yakiniku options are. Take your foodie journey to the next level with other delectable meals and explore all that the city of Osaka and the Korean Street has to offer.

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