With stores in Asia, the United States, and Europe, Issey Miyake is loved by many worldwide. Therefore, lots of people around the globe have developed an appreciation for the Japanese designer’s clothing, handbags, and accessories. If you want to browse Issey Miyake designs while in his home country, Osaka is the perfect city. There’s even an Issey Miyake store in the airport, so you can shop as soon as you land. In addition, there is a standalone Issey Miyake store in Semba where exhibits and events are often held. It’s the perfect place for those who love both fashion and art.

Issey Miyake’s products are also sold in four Osaka department stores. This is where finding a particular brand or item may get a little tricky. Each department store is listed here as one of six locations. However, there are actually much more than six Issey Miyake stores in Osaka. This is because most of the department stores on our list sell more than one Issey Miyake brand. Each brand has its own store. This means that instead of one large Issey Miyake store, department stores have several small ones. These small stores that only carry one brand are not located near each other. Rather, they are on different floors. Consequently, if you want to shop every Issey Miyake line in a department store, you’re in for a long (and possibly confusing) walk. Luckily, we’re here to help! Here is a guide to the Issey Miyake stores in Osaka.


7 small Bao Bao Bags of all different colors (Issey Miyake Osaka)

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Hankyu Umeda is home to six Issey Miyake brands: Issey Miyake, Bao Bao, Me, Pleats Please, Issey Miyake Men, and Bao Bao Men’s. Also, Hankyu is the only department store in Osaka that carries Issey Miyake’s men’s lines. The department store is located at 8-7 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-8350. The closest train station is Umeda Station. The Hankyu Umeda main store is open from 10am to 8pm Sunday - Thursday and 10am - 9pm Friday and Saturday. Hankyu Men’s is open from 11am to 8pm Sunday - Tuesday, 11am to 9pm Wednesday - Friday, and 10am to 9pm Saturday.


This line, named after the designer himself, sells very interesting clothing. Issey Miyake’s clothing is known for being created from unique materials. Furthermore, recent designs feature fringes and abstract petal patterns. Most items sold are dresses and skirts, but shirts and pants are available too. In addition, you can find accessories such as socks and scarves.The Issey Miyake store is located on the third floor of the main store.


Bao Bao Issey Miyake is the brand that carries the designer’s iconic geometric bags. At this store, you can buy handbags, pouches, and totes featuring the famous prism pattern. The Bao Bao store in Hankyu Umeda is located on the first floor of the main store.


Issey Miyake’s “Me” brand focuses on creating items that are light, compact, and comfortable. Knit and woven fabrics are prominently featured in “me” designs. The clothing is fun, casual, and perfect to wear in day-to-day life. In addition to clothing, the line carries bags. The Hankyu Umeda Me store is located on the sixth floor of the main store.


Just as its name suggests, Issey Miyake’s “Pleats Please'' line carries many pleated items. For example, you can buy colorful pleated dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and accessories. Items that usually do not feature pleats, such as pants, are available. The pleats are combined with a variety of patterns such as polka dots, plaid, and stripes. Hankyu Umeda’s Pleats Please store is located on the sixth floor of the main store.


The only Issey Miyake Men store in Osaka can be found in the Hankyu Men’s building. The store sells jackets, shirts, and pants. Additionally, the styles of jackets are unique and hard to find elsewhere. Most of the recent designs feature plaid or denim. Issey Miyake Men is located on the third floor.


Like the Bao Bao in the Umeda Hankyu main store, the one in Hankyu Men’s carries geometric bags. However, this store sells them in colors, shapes, and designs that are intended for men. A couple shopping at Umeda Hankyu can get matching bags! The men’s Bao Bao store is on the third floor of Hankyu Men’s.


Clothing on racks and mannequins in Takashimaya (Issey Miyake Osaka)

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Like Hankyu Umeda, Takashimaya Osaka carries six Issey Miyake brands. However, the two department stores do not house the same lines. Furthermore, Takashimaya Osaka is the only place in Osaka where the Haat and Homme Plisse brands can be found. The department store’s address is 5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-8510. Takashimaya Osaka is open from 10am to 8pm Sunday - Thursday and 10am to 8:30pm Fridays and Saturdays. The nearest train station is Namba Station.


An Issey Miyake store can be found in Takashimaya Osaka. You don’t have to go to Umeda to pick up clothing made from interesting fabrics. In other words, find your fringes, unique textures, and eye catching colors in Namba. The Issey Miyake store is on the fourth floor.


Secondly, you can choose to go to Namba to get your hands on some beautiful pleated clothes. Perhaps you’re looking for some pleated pants or a pleated scarf. If that’s the case, you’ll certainly be satisfied at Takashimaya Osaka. The Pleats Please store is on the fourth floor.


You can find unique clothing at the only Haat store in Osaka. Haat is designed with aesthetics, textiles, and technology in mind. The designer draws on traditional Indian and Japanese clothing to make modern women’s fashions. It caters to a younger customer base than the other Issey Miyake lines. Clothes feature unique fabrics, embroidery, and excellent craftsmanship. In addition, their designs bring to mind artisan crafters. The Haat store in Takashimaya Osaka is on the fourth floor.


Takashimaya Osaka is one of several great places to browse geometric bags. Find a prism patterned bag in any color or shape you like. Also, they sell them all sizes as well. For instance, you can get a tiny pouch or large tote. You can even find something in between! The Bao Bao store in Takashimaya Osaka is located on the second floor, away from the other Issey Miyake stores.


Homme Plisse is a colorful men’s clothing brand. It features bright and interestingly textured jacket and pants. Additionally, the store sells shirts in unique patterns and cuts as well. Coats, sweaters, and winter wear are sold as well as summer clothing. Further, accessories such as hats, backpacks, and totes are available. Homme Plisse is perfect for the stylish man looking to freshen up his wardrobe. It is on the third floor, below the Please Please, Haat, and Bao Bao stores.


Osaka’s second Me Issey Miyake store is in Namba. If you’re looking for comfy, bright knits, Namba is as good of a place to shop as Umeda. Get yourself a nice sweater or fun skirt. Also, clothes are stylish enough to wear out, and comfortable enough to wear at home. As a result, you’ll find wonderful, versatile outfits at Me Issey Miyake. The me store is located on the fourth floor.


3 different Bao Bao bags of different sizes and colors (Issey Miyake Osaka)

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Kintetsu Abeno Harukas offers a smaller selection of Issey Miyake products. Although they only have Bao Bao and Pleats Please stores, it's still worth checking out. Kintetsu Abeno Harukas is at 1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 545-8545. The closest train station is Osaka Abenobashi Station. The fashion shopping floors in Kintetsu Abeno Harukas are open from 10am to 6pm.  


If you fancy an eye catching bag, look no further than Bao Bao Issey Miyake. The designer’s signature geometric pattern can be found on a variety of bags. Many shapes and colors are available. In addition, sometimes the prism pattern is paired with a fun print. Therefore, if you want an eye catching bag with prisms and polka dots, get a Bao Bao bag! The Bao Bao store is on the first floor.


One of several Pleats Please stores in Osaka is in Kintetsu Abeno Harukas. If you love pleats, you may want to consider shopping at Kintetsu Abeno Harukas. At Pleats Please, you’ll be able to find a pleated version of virtually any clothing item. For example, it’s hard to find pleated t-shirts, but Issey Miyake makes them. The Pleats Please store is on the fifth floor, several floors above the Bao Bao store.


2 mannequins and clothing racks in Semba

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Issey Miyake Semba is the only Osaka location that carries multiple Issey Miyake brands in the same store. The store is themed around the concept “fount of creativity” and features displays related to water. During your visit, you will be able to see the distinctive processes behind each brand’s designs. In addition, there is a creative space on the B1 floor where exhibits and events are held. Also, the store is ideal for those who want to shop in an artistic environment or meet people at events. Issey Miyake Semba is more than a place to buy clothes. It is also a social space for those who appreciate art and fashion.  

The store is located at 4-11-28 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0081. It is open from 11am to 8pm. The nearest train station is Subway Shinsaibashi Station.


Pleats Please Store front (Issey Miyake Osaka)

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Daimaru Shinsaibashi is the place to go if you’re looking for a Pleats Please store. However, if you’re in search of any other Issey Miyake brand, it’s best to go to Umeda Hankyu or Takashimaya Osaka. The Pleats Please store is located on the fifth floor of the main Daimaru building. It is at 1-7-1 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka 542-8501. Daimaru is open from 11am to 8pm. The closest train station is Subway Shinsaibashi Station.


Pleats Please and Bao Bao Logos

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The Issey Miyake store in Kansai International Airport carries two brands: Pleats Please and Bao Bao. Perhaps, you want a geometric bag or pleated dress. You can start shopping as soon as you land! Maybe you want to do some last minute shopping before you leave. Either way, you can find some great Issey Miyake goods in KIX. The store is located on the third floor in terminal 1. The store is open from 8am to 6pm.


There’s a Issey Miyake store for every kind of shopper in Osaka. If you want one of his famous prism bags or pleated clothing, go to Bao Bao or Pleats Please. They are the easiest Issey Miyake brands to find. They are at Hankyu Umeda, Takashimaya Osaka, and Kintetsu Abeno Harukas department stores. You can also shop both lines at Issey Miyake Semba and Kansai International Airport. Additionally, Pleats Please is available in Daimaru Shinsaibashi. However, the men’s Issey Miyake and Bao Bao products are harder to find. They are only available in the Hankyu Men’s building in Umeda. Also, another men’s line, Hasse Plisse, can only be found in Takashimaya Osaka.

Moreover, if you want to go shopping in an artistic environment, go to Issey Miyake Semba. There, you can see exhibits or attend events. For original designs that exhibit expert craftsmanship, go to the Haat store. Me Issey Miyake offers clothing for those who care about both style and comfort. Though not as exclusive as Haat, the Issey Miyake stores also offer clothing in unique textures and styles. You can buy a skirt with a fun pattern or a jacket with tassels.

Overall, Hankyu Umeda and Takashimaya Osaka are the best places to go if you are looking for something unique. You can find almost all of the Issey Miyake lines if you go to Namba or Umeda. Pleats Please and Bao Bao products are widely available across Osaka. For an elevated shopping experience, the Semba store is the best place to go. Above all, whatever style of clothing or accessories you like, there’s an Issey Miyake store for you. Make sure to stop by one while you’re in Osaka.