Osaka is one trendy fashion metropolis of a city. As you ride the trains and walk the streets, you’re sure to see lots of amazing outfits. Although Japan is often characterized as homogenous, if you look at the clothes, you’ll see there’s a wide variety. Just like the variety in clothing styles, there’s a number of different settings you can choose to shop in.

There are classic department stores like Daimaru Shinsaibashi and Hanshin Umeda Honten. Namba Parks offers architectural beauty alongside fashion. Abeno Harukas offers a variety of other activities, should you become bored with shopping. If you’re looking to save money on designer favorites, Mitsui Outlet Park and Rinku Premium Outlets will have a great deal for you.

In a city as big as Osaka, you’re certain to find a place to shop that suits your fashion tastes. You’ll be able to dress like the locals in no time. Want to know where the people of Osaka find their stylish clothes? You won’t have to be jealous of their sharp clothes any longer! Here are the 12 trendy fashion shopping areas in Osaka for you to spend your hard earned cash in.


Fashion Shopping Area - Namba Parks

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In addition to its many stores, Namba Parks has some unique, beautiful architecture for you to see. A number of shops and offices are nestled into uniquely shaped buildings at Namba Parks. In addition to the cool architecture, Namba Parks is also home to a few gardens. You can shop at nearly every type of store imaginable in a beautiful environment. Find a dress at Anna Sui or pick up a pair of socks at Kutsushitaya. There are also stores with fun names, like Psycho Bunny and Freaks Store. If you’re in the mood to get some lunch or dinner while you’re out, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from on the 7th and 8th floors. All in all, you’re sure to have a beautiful shopping experience at Namba Parks.


Fashion Shopping Area - Abeno

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If you like to enjoy a nice view while you’re out shopping, make sure to go to Abeno Harukas. Reaching 300 meters into the sky, Abeno Harukas is one of the tallest buildings in Japan. You can purchase a ticket to the Osaka Harukas Observatory if you’re looking to get a good view of the city. For the adventurous, they offer an experience called “Edge the Harukas”. If you choose to participate, you will be allowed to walk to the edge of the deck on the top floor. Of course, staff members will strap you into a safety harness first. If you’re afraid of heights, the observatory still has plenty to offer you. Enjoy a meal on the 58th floor while comfortably indoors or watch the the illuminations in the Sky Garden.

If you’re still interested in shopping after going on a thrilling adventure, head to the Kintetsu Department Store on the lower floors. They have many high end brands, such as Chanel, Kate Spade, and Tocca. It’s not just adults who can have fun at Abeno Harukas. Your kids can enjoy themselves at the Sweden Trimpark Playground or Harukas Kids Club.


Fashion Shopping Area - Daimaru Shinsaibashi

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Daimaru Shinsaibashi is a classic department store. Most fashion shops at Daimaru are located on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. The “luxury fashion” shops are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Brands that have the privilege of selling on these floors include Ami, Valentino, and Neil Barrett. In addition, you can find coveted items at Daimaru, such as designer Tomohito Ozawa’s VIP Collection. Some more standard high end offerings include Cole Haan shoes and Citizen watches. If you have the money to spend, you’re sure to come across a lovely find at Daimaru Shinsaibashi.


Fashion Shopping Area - Mitsui Outlet

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After going to Abeno Harukas or Daimaru Shinsaibashi, you might not have much money left to spend. If that’s the case, don’t fret, you might be able to score some good deals at Mitsui Outlet Park. Their stores include classic high end fashion labels like Michael Kors and Coach. They also have a handful of athletic wear shops, such as New Balance, Timberland, and Nike.

Japanese brands like Nano Universe and Urban Research are also available at low prices. Watch enthusiasts are sure to find something they love at Seiko. Trying to find a suitcase to carry home all the things you bought? You’ll be able to find one at a great price at the Samsonite outlet. Finally, if you need a caffeine boost after being on your feet all day, stop by Tully’s. Mitsui Outlet Park doesn’t have many places for you to grab a bite, but you can at least get a latte and pastry.


Fashion Shopping Area - Namba City

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If you’re still wanting to shop after going to Namba Parks, take a short walk to Namba City. Located next to Namba Station, Namba City is convenient and easy to get to. There is a large number of shoe stores in Namba City. It is the perfect area to go shopping in if you are in search of some new kicks. Some of the many shoe stores include Regal Shoes, SPC, and ABC Mart. Namba City also has a good selection of clothes shops, including fashion brands like W Closet, Trend Dress Code, and and Muku Climb. Those who love hats will be please to know that there is a speciality hat shop, Fedora. There’s a lot to do in Namba, but be sure to check out Namba CIty for a fun shopping experience.


Fashion Shopping Area - Hanshin Umeda

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There are a few Hanshin locations scattered across Osaka, but the one in the heart of the Umeda shopping zone is the department store chain’s flagship. The stores in Hanshin are a bit more reasonably priced than the ones in department stores like Daimaru or Kintetsu. If you want the luxurious feel of shopping at a department store without breaking your budget, Hanshin is right for you. Some brands sold at Hanshin include Ing, Ginza Yoshinoya, and Relair. Finally, if you want to stock up on some gourmet snacks while you’re there, be sure to head down to the basement. The food selection is just as wonderful as the fashion items selection.


Fashion Shopping Area - Herbis Plaza

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Herbis Plaza has a lot to offer. The building is packed with shoes, clothes, handbags, and jewelry galore! But unless you’re into window shopping or have a lot of cash to spend, it might not be the best place for you. Herbis Plaza is home to many fancy fashion stores, including Gucci, Tiffany’s, and Kinokurashi. They also offer luxurious beauty experiences at locations like Grand Ino Day Spa and Maison Beauty Face. Although it is pricey, Herbis Plaza is a favorite amongst brides-to-be. They offer a bridal card and a bridal shopping guide for newly engaged shoppers. Get your dress at Ferice Matsueda and some furniture for your new home at BoConcept. Lastly, are you looking for some entertainment to end your shopping trip with? Watch a show at Osaka Shinki Theater on the 7th floor before you leave.


Fashion Shopping Area - Rinku Outlet

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The Rinku Premium Outlets is another favorite location for shoppers looking to save money. It is located close to the Kansai International Airport, making it ideal for fashionistas who want to start shopping as soon as they land. The outlets are comprised mainly of Western stores like Kate Spade, The North Face, and Adidas. However, there are also Japanese brands like Beams, Kenzo, and Edwin Jeans. If you are plus sized, you may be worried about finding clothing in Japan. Don’t worry! There is a store called X-Large that specializes in plus size clothing. Finally, you might be hungry or craving something sweet after doing a lot of shopping. If that is the case, there is a number of restaurants and cafes, including Korean Restaurant Bubim’ and Godiva, available.


Fashion Shopping Area - Doton Plaza

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If you want to visit some popular tourist spots in Osaka while shopping, head over to Doton Plaza! Doton Plaza is made up of the shops on the famous Dotonbori Street. Take a look at the Glico Man or the Kani Doraku crab on your way to find a new handbag. Perhaps you’ll buy it at Callia or Aki Yanno. Additionally, those looking to purchase a new watch are sure to be pleased with the selections at Your’s Watch. If you’re in the market for new skincare products, you’re in luck. Doton Plaza has a large selection of skincare shops, including 4GF, Kanebo, and DHC. There are also some nice jewelry shops, like AKA Jewelry.

There are not many clothing shops at Doton Plaza. However, if you’re shopping for accessories, you’re sure to have a good time. An airport shuttle is available to and from Doton Plaza. If you’re particularly excited about this area, you can visit as soon as you land!


Fashion Shopping Area - Abeno Q's

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Abeno Q’s Mall has numerous stores that are loved by fashionistas across Japan. The 5 story mall has all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories anyone could possibly want! If you’re looking for clothes to wear to work, stop by The Suit Company or Clear. Hoping to find casual outfits? Check out Uniqlo, United Arrows, or One Way. Wanting some new shoes? Stop by Angelique to find some sandals, flats, or heels. Finally, if you find the perfect brunch outfit, you can show it off at the cafes in Abeno Q’s Mall. For a pancake brunch, visit Elk New York Brunch. Craving something more traditionally Japanese? Obon de Gohan Teishoku and Cafe has something that’ll hit the spot.


Fashion Shopping Area -Mio Tennoji

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Tennoji Mio Honnkan is located near Abeno Harukas and Abeno Q’s mall. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can shop at both spots. Those looking for lingerie won’t be disappointed. Mio has 11 lingerie stores. If you’re looking for something you can wear out in public, there are plenty of options for you too. Mio has everything from classic favorites like Beams to more unique stores like Libby and Rose. You’re sure to find something that suits your sense of style. In addition to finding new pieces, you can get pampered at Mio. Stop by Jurer Nail Salon for a manicure or Blanc Eyelash Salon for some eyelash extensions.


Fashion Shopping Area - Namba Marui

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This 8 story establishment is filled with all the fashion items you could ever want. However, the handbag or blouse of your dreams may come at a steep price. Most of the shops in Namba Marui are a bit pricey. The department store's fancy, high end fashion offerings include Comme Ca, Canal 4℃, and Earth Music and Ecology. But don’t despair if you’re on a budget! There are also some budget friendly stores, such as GU and As Known As Pinky.

I especially recommend one store at Namba Marui if you have difficulty finding clothing that fits you. RU, which is located on the third floor, is a size inclusive brand. If most stores only offer clothing that is too small or too large for you, check them out! They have a very large range of sizes. You can expect to find anything at their shop in any size between XXS and 7L.


Osaka has a large variety of shopping areas to offer. If you want to see popular tourist sights while you’re out shopping, make sure to visit Doton Plaza. Just landed and looking to get your hands on some great bargains? Rinku Premium Outlets is close to Kansai International Airport! Those looking for a taste of adventure should go to Abeno Harukas. You can do so much more than shop at the 300 meter tall skyscraper. Why not enjoy the great view and experience a thrill at the observatory? The stores at Harukas Kintetsu will be waiting for you.  

If you’re simply searching for a classic department store with a good selection, Osaka has plenty of those as well. To shop in a setting that’s as beautiful as the clothes and bling, visit Namba Parks. If you’re looking for size inclusive clothing, Namba Marui has the perfect store for you. Particular about hats or socks? Go to Namba City and Namba Parks. Whatever style of clothing you’re into, whatever environment you enjoy shopping in, there’s a place for you in Osaka.