It can be hard to find the things you’re looking for at a low price. Crafters often find themselves emptying their wallet to get DIY supplies. Fashionistas have difficulty getting hair and beauty products without breaking their budget. Foodies long for inexpensive but tasty treats. There is a large number of 100 yen shops across Japan. If you can find what you’re looking for at one, you can save lots of money. However, many of them have a small selection of merchandise. It can be hard to find specialty items. Sometimes popular items sell out fast. Luckily, that is not the case at the biggest Daiso stores in Osaka. These stores are a few stories high and quite spacious. They are stocked with household items, stationary, food, and more. Popular items are always in stock. Additionally, you can find items only sold at larger locations.

These huge bargain stores are perfect for those crafters, fashionistas, and foodies who have trouble finding what they need at a low price. They are also a fun place to shop at for those who aren’t looking for anything in particular. As many of them carry lots of toys, they can be a great place to take the kids. All in all, large Daiso stores are places where you can enjoy yourself and get the things you want. Here is a guide to cheap shopping at the biggest Daiso stores in Osaka.

Exterior of the Daiso Shin Osaka store near Shin Osaka station.

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Daiso Shin Osaka is the most popular large Daiso store. At 4 stories, it is one of the tallest Daiso stores in Japan. Customers report being very happy with the size of the store. It is large, but not so large that it is difficult to find what you are looking for. It’s a fun place to spend an hour or so shopping. That being said, you won’t go home feeling tired and defeated. One of the reasons this location is so popular is that it has a much larger selection of food than most Daiso stores. While Daiso sells some items that cost more than 100 yen, all the snacks at Daiso Shin Osaka stay under the price limit. No wonder this store is a favorite among hungry bargain hunters! In addition to its food selection, the store carries a wide variety selection of popular stationary.


Daiso Shin Osaka is a snack haven. One of the most popular snacks sold at Daiso is the Daiso Select Peeled Roasted Chestnuts. As this is a specialty item, you’re more likely to find it if you go to one of the large Daiso stores. Another popular snack is the Deli Truff chocolates. Truffle chocolate is usually quite pricey. If you get some at Daiso, you’re getting a great deal! Since these sell out quickly, your best bet is to pick them up at one of the biggest Daiso stores. The chocolate covered freeze-dried strawberries are another favorite chocolate snack. These too tend to be expensive at most stores, so make sure to get them at Daiso.

If you prefer savory snacks, there’s plenty of those at Daiso as well. One favorite salty snack is the ramen rounds. You can also find salted or seaweed sprinkled potato chips much cheaper than at your local grocery store. Maybe traditional potato chips aren’t your thing. In that case, try the fried potato sticks instead. If you’re feeling daring, you can find an interesting mix of sweet and savory that you probably haven't had before. They sell a snack known as “asparagus biscuits”. Whether they’re tasty or terrible, you can have fun trying them for only 100 yen.

The store is located a short walk from Shin Osaka Station. It is also accessible from Mikunie Station and Nishinakajima Minamigata Station. There is a Lawson nearby. You can find it at 1-chome-14-26 Mikunihonmachi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0005.

Upper level exterior shot of the Daiso Suita Izumicho store.

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Although it is not quite as tall as Daiso Shin Osaka, Daiso Suita Izumicho is pretty big. This large 100 yen shop stands 3 stories tall. One unique thing about this particular store is it’s large DIY supplies section. At most Daiso stores, there are not many craft supplies. Shoppers often have to resort to going to Kohnan or Aeon and spending more money. If this sounds like a problem you’ve been facing, despair no longer! Daiso Shin Osaka is here for you! Whether you are looking to make traditional Japanese crafts or western ones, they have many supplies available. Even if you aren’t into crafting, you’re sure to find something that’ll spark your interest. While many Daiso stores quickly sell out of popular items, customers say this one is always well stocked. Come pick up some cute stationary, hair accessories, or household goods.


If your projects involve a lot of drawing, consider their fine tipped pens. To add some color to your art, pick up a pack of brush pens. Those who enjoy paper crafts can get a compass cutter knife to cut perfect circles with. There is also a selection of colored paper and whimsically shaped craft punches available. Enjoy crafting with fabric? Daiso has felt in many different colors, and it’s much cheaper than at a fabric store.

If you want an interestingly shaped glue stick, Daiso has one in a triangle shape. Crafters who enjoy making things out of clay should check out the variety of molds Daiso has to offer.

Those with children might want to get them some twist crayons. You kids would also enjoy the mechanical colored pencils. Finally, if you want to get into crafting but don’t know where to start, Daiso sells DIY kits. You can learn to make a fluffy hedgehog decoration or beaded keychain.

The closest station to the store is Suita Station. If you don’t mind walking a little, you can go to Toyotsu Station or Shimoshinjo Station. The store’s address is 2-chome-47-8 Izumicho, Suita, Osaka 564-0041. Look for the 7-11 next door. There is a parking lot available, so Daiso Suita Izumicho is easy to access by car as well.

Exterior photo of Daiso Izumiotsu Matsunohama in Osaka with the posted daily operation hours.

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While this Daiso store is the smallest one on our list, at 2 stories, it’s still larger than most locations. Daiso Izumiotsu Matsunohama boasts an expansive selection of beauty supplies. Customers love dropping by to pick up makeup, hair accessories, and nail polish. The store has plenty to offer in addition to beauty items. Both floors are packed with merchandise, and items are rarely out of stock. Customers report that they are always able to find what they need, even if it is sold out at smaller Daiso locations. You can find goods that aren’t always easy to find at a low price, such as wide straws for tapioca drinks. Like Daiso Suita Izumicho, there are lots of craft supplies available. In addition, this store has a large selection of toys. It is the perfect store to get something for your kids without breaking the bank.


One item that should be in everyone’s makeup bag is the Souffle lip and cheek cream. This staple beauty product is versatile and convenient. Use it to add a bit of color to your cheeks or lips. If you’re into skincare, check out the face peeling gel and natural pack masks. Another beauty must have is the makeup brush cleaner. This tool is perfectly shaped to help you get all of the makeup out of brush bristles.

If you’re looking to have some fun, Daiso has some new products you can try. This year, they started selling a hair drying glove. It is supposed to help your hair dry more quickly and smoothly. If drying your hair is time consuming and annoying, see if this glove helps! Finally, if you’re looking for super useful product, check out Daiso’s Royal Jelly Mixture. This versatile moisturizer can be used anywhere. Customers say it has improved the quality of their hair, skin, and eyebrows. Some even put it on their eyelashes. If you try doing that, be careful not to get it in your eyes!

The closest train station is Matsunohama Station. Other nearby stations include Kitasukematsu Station and Izumiotsu Station. The store is at 1-chome-1-22 Matsunohamacho, Izumiotsu, Osaka 595-0072. There is a Denny’s next to the store. You can also go by car if you wish, as the store has a parking lot.

Customer shops for laundry detergent and other household goods in a discount store.

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You can save money on the things you use around the house if you get them at Daiso. In fact, some of the things they sell can help you save money in the long run. Tired of buying fabric softener or dryer sheets? Daiso sells reusable dryer balls. If you have trouble getting toothpaste out of the tube, save yourself the misery of endless squeezing. Get a toothpaste tube squeezer. They’re only 100 yen and you can save even more money by using every last drop of toothpaste. Looking to maximize your storage space? Daiso sells bags that compress your clothing. You won’t have to buy another storage container when you put away your summer clothes this year.

If you’re trying to organize your house, Daiso has a variety of items to help you. Tired of tangled cords? They sell cord clips to help keep them neatly folded. They also sell hanging organizers that you can place your things in. Take advantage of vertical closet space! If you struggle with a cluttered fridge, Daiso has a special container just for organizing cans. And if you’re tired of hair clogging your sink, they sell a mesh sink garbage catcher you can install.

It may be possible to find some of these items at smaller Daiso stores. However, their limited selection means you can’t be sure if you’ll find the things you need. You might have your heart set on one of these items. It might be just what you need to keep your house organized. If that’s the case, head over to a large Daiso store. You’re more likely to find it!


You can find virtually anything you need at a low price if you visit a large Daiso store. Some of the items sold at the biggest Daiso shops in Osaka can also be bought at smaller stores. That being said, it’s worth making the trip to the big stores. They have a much larger selection of products. Further, the big Daiso stores are well stocked. The item you’re looking for is unlikely to be sold out. So if you’re looking for a snack, some DIY supplies, household items, or cosmetics, you know where to get the best deal.

That being said, maybe you have a particular shopping goal. In that case, going to one of the biggest Daiso stores is still a fun experience. How often do you get to shop in a big store where you can afford virtually any item? Don’t miss out on shopping at the biggest Daiso stores in Osaka when you visit the city!