In Japan, tattoos have historically been regarded with fear and suspicion because of their association with the Yakuza. But recently, tattoos have become much more accepted than in the past. For example, there are more tattoo-friendly hot springs nowadays. More and more tattooed foreigners have been visiting Japan. It is becoming clear that having tattoos does not signify that you are affiliated with crime. A small but significant portion of regular, law abiding Japanese citizens have tattoos. Japan has become a good country to get a tattoo in, so why not get a tattoo in Osaka?

At any tattoo shop, you must be at least 18 and in good health to get a tattoo. However, in Japan the age limit is often 20 for many tattoo shops. You will not be allowed to get a tattoo if you are drunk or unwell. As long as you are a responsible, healthy adult, there are a good number of artists in Japan who would be happy to give you a tattoo. Here are 8 famous tattoo shops in Osaka with original designs.

Photograph of the studio waiting room at Hyper Space Tattoo.

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There is something for nearly every person looking to get a tattoo at Hyper Space Tattoo. The studio offers tattoos in a wide variety of designs, including tribal, traditional Japanese, black and white, and color. They do both small and large pieces. Maybe you want to show off a large tattoo to the world. Perhaps you’re looking for something tiny and inconspicuous. Either way, they have something for you! In addition to a variety of illustrations, they also do lettering. Hyper Space Tattoo tattoos both men and women.

The shop has English speaking staff available, making it ideal for customers who don’t speak very much Japanese. Four artists work at the shop. Three of the artists are male and one is female. The shop advertises female artists as catering to women who prefer to be tattooed by women. Prices range from 10,000 yen for a small tattoo to 100,000 yen for a large tattoo. In addition, the Hyper Space Tattoo promises that their studio is pristinely clean. They provide detailed information about their sanitization process on their website. Overall, your experience at Hyper Space is sure to be safe, fun, and comfortable.

The studio is located at 3F Cherry Bldg, 1-16 Ikutamamaemachi, Tennoji-Ward, Osaka City 543-0072. It is located just one minute away from Subway Tanimachi 9 Chome Station. It is also accessible from Kintetsu Uehonmachi Station.

Photograph of artist Fumi having a consultation with a customer.

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Fumi Tattoo is a tattoo shop run entirely by female artists. Artist Fumi believes that tattoos are not simply a fashion item. Rather, they are an integral part of one’s identity. She works closely with customers to create original designs that they will be happy to have on their bodies forever. Artist Hitomi also specializes in original tattoos. She works to make customers’ “dreams come true” and creates designs that can’t be found anywhere else. The artists at Fumi Tattoo speak English, so you can get tattooed without worrying about a language barrier.

Some of the designs Fumi Tattoo artists have tattooed in the past include florals, geometric shapes, and animals. While the bulk of their gallery is made up of western and tribal designs, they do traditional Japanese designs too. Small designs appear to be the most popular. That being said, the artists have also created beautiful sleeves and other large pieces. In addition to illustrations, they offer lettering. Fumi Tattoo offers a lot of information about their tattoos online. Their gallery includes numerous photos of designs they have created. Additionally, they have a tattoo dictionary explaining the meanings behind a variety of popular symbols.

Prices are the same as at Hyper Space Tattoo, ranging from 10,000 yen to 100,000 yen. Fumi Tattoo is also located in the same building as Hyper Space Tattoo. The studio is at 3F Ichimura Build. 1-27 Ikutamamaemachi Tennoji-ku Osaka 543-0072. The closest train station is Subway Tanimachi 9 Chome Station.

Photograph of a tattoo done by artist Hori Benny at Invasion Club

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Invasion Club is run by Hori Benny, a popular American graphic artist. Hori Benny is originally from Minnesota but has spent the past 18 years in Japan. Upon moving to Osaka, Hori Benny took up a Japanese traditional tattoo apprenticeship and has been specializing in the craft since. He created his own tattoo studio, Invasion Club, in 2014. Hori Benny recently co-authored a book on traditional Japanese tattoos. Invasion club is the ideal place to go if you are looking for a traditional Japanese design, since Hori Benny is clearly an expert on them! In addition to traditional designs, Hori Benny tattoos pieces inspired by contemporary Japanese culture. He has done many tattoos based on anime characters.

Most of Hori Benny’s pieces are large, standout ones. He’s the man to go to if you want a big tattoo that makes a statement. On the other hand, if you are interested in small, delicate designs, you may want to go elsewhere. Maybe you like Hori Benny’s art but are not ready to commit to having it on your body forever. If that’s the case, he offers a wide variety of merchandise with his art. You can get a shirt or sweater if you only want to wear a Hori Benny piece temporarily. You can also buy stickers, keychains, pins, and lanyards.

The studio is located in Nipponbashi, at Junwa Bld 1F 2-3-9 Shimodera Naniwa-Ku, Osaka 556-0001. The closest train station is Subway Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka Station.

Photograph of the reception area at Three Tides Tattoo.

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Three Tides has tattoo parlors in Osaka and Tokyo. Like Invasion Club, they specialize in traditional Japanese tattoo designs. Even though they are inspired by traditional designs, the work at Three Tides is still original. Many pieces are a blend of contemporary and traditional Japanese art. They have several in house artists and often host visiting artists from abroad. Most visitors to Three Tides request large pieces. If you want a sleeve or dream of having your entire back covered in tattoos, Three Tides is the ideal place for you. In addition to new tattoos, they offer cover up pieces. They will take care of you if you have a tattoo you are not satisfied with.

Like Hori Benny, the artists at Three Tides offer merchandise. You don’t have to commit to getting a tattoo to take home a piece of their artwork. They sell socks, clothing, figurines, mugs, prints, and more. They also regularly hold tattoo conventions and events. You can get to know a variety of artists from around the world through Three Tides. They are not just a tattoo parlor but also a cultural hub!

The Osaka location is at 1-8-5 Minamihorie Nishi-ku Osaka 550-0015. The closest train station is Subway Yotsubashi Station. They are also accessible from JR Namba Station.

Photograph of the JP Style Ink studio.

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JP Style Ink is artist Mitsuki’s tattoo parlor. Mitsuki offers a wide variety of designs. He does both large and small pieces. Also, western, tribal, and traditional Japanese designs. Both black and white and color tattoos are available. His large portrait pieces are particularly beautiful. In addition to illustrations, Mitsuki does lettering in both latin letters and Japanese characters. His prices typically range from 10,000 yen to 40,000 yen.

Mitsuki focuses on making first timers feel comfortable at his shop. He works carefully with customers to make sure they get a design they are happy with. He believes that anyone should be able to come to his shop and have a fun, relaxed tattoo experience. To further ease any worries you may have, he provides a detailed explanation of his sanitization process on his website. And if you’ve had a bad tattoo experience in the past, Mitsuki can be of help! He offers tattoo cover ups that leave customers feeling happy with their bodies again.

The address for JP Style Ink is 4F 1−9−10 Higashiyodogawa Ward, Komatsu, Osaka 533-0004. The closest train station is Kami-Shinjo Station. The shop is also accessible from Subway Daido Toyosato Station.

Photograph of a tattoo done by Horitaka at Radical Skin Tattoo

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Radical Skin Tattoo is the place to go if you’re in the market for a large tattoo. They specialize in large traditional Japanese style and portrait pieces. Horitaka, the shop’s artist, has also worked in Taiwan and Austria. Much of the work done at Radical Skin Tattoo is very big. They have done many tattoos that span across the entirety of customers’ chests, backs, and arms. If you want a tiny, dainty piece, check out one of the other shops on this list. But if you are looking for something, well, radical, then this is the right tattoo studio for you!

Tattoos start at 15,000 yen for smaller pieces. Large tattoos spanning across an entire body part cost 10,000 yen per hour. They do not accept credit cards, so make sure to have enough cash on you. Although Radical Skin Tattoo’s website is in Japanese, Horitaka will respond to correspondence in English.

The address for Radical Skin Tattoo is Sugii bld 3F 4-5-35 Takaminosato Matsubara-city Osaka 580-0021. The closest train station is Takaminosato Station. The tattoo shop is also accessible from Kawachi-Matsubara Station.

Photograph of a traditional Japanese style tattoo done at Lucky Round Tattoo

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Lucky Round Tattoo is another tattoo shop that offers a variety of designs. They cater to just about anybody looking for a tattoo. They create tribal, western, and Japanese designs. Additionally, you can get a tattoo of any size at Lucky Round Tattoo. They tattoo both men and women. There are even certain designs just for women. In addition to their illustrations, they offer lettering in both English and Japanese designs. Lucky Round Tattoo offers cover up tattoos as well.

For first timers, Lucky Round Tattoo is the ideal place to go. They offer consultation sessions to help you choose the size, design, and location of your tattoo. After you are sure that you want to get a tattoo, they will work with you to perfect the design. Unique tattoo designs are created for each customer, so you can be sure that you are getting something original. They edit and rework designs until the customer is happy with them. The artists at Lucky Round won’t rest until you’re satisfied! Once the design is perfected, you can be sure that you are being tattooed in a safe, clean environment.

Lucky Round Tattoo is located at 4F 2-18-6 Nishishinsaibashi, Tyuo-ku, Osaka 542-0068. The nearest train station is Subway Yotsubashi Station.

Photograph of a traditional Japanese tattoo done at Nishitenma Urojiya tattoo shop

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* Note: As of February 21st 2024, the shop is closed.

Nishitenma Urojiya is a good place to go if you are hoping to get a traditional Japanese tattoo. The main artist, Ikkyu, joined the Miyazo crew before opening his own shop. He is highly skilled at creating large, colorful tattoos. While many of the tattoos done at Nishitenma Urojiya are traditional designs, Ikkyu can also work with you to create an original piece.

Like any versatile tattoo artist, Ikkyu will work with you to create the tattoo you want. That being said, we recommend him in particular to those who want tattoos with color. The colors on Ikkyu’s tattoos are vivid and strong. They show no indication that they’re going to fade. It can be hard to find tattoo artists who are talented at working with color. If that is the kind of artist you are searching for, look no further than Nishitenma Urojiya.

The shop is located at 1-1-34 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047. The nearest train station is Subway Kitahama Station. You can also access the shop from Yodoyabashi Station.


There are a number of talented tattoo artists in Osaka that would be happy to give you a tattoo. If you’re new to tattoos, head over to Lucky Round Tattoo. They take the time to work carefully with first timers. If your heart is set on a traditional Japanese tattoo, Invasion Club, Three Tides, Radical Skin Tattoo, and Nishitenma Urojiya are good options. Those who are interested in the work of female artists should check out Fumi Tattoo. If you’re interested in western or tribal designs, Hyper Space Tattoo or JP Style Ink will have something perfect for you. Finally, if you know you want a tattoo with bright colors, go to Nishitenma Urojiya. Whatever style of tattoo you’re into, there’s an artist in the city that can create it for you. Go to a tattoo shop in Osaka to get a souvenir you’ll keep for life.