Brought the whole family on a vacation to Osaka? Struggling to find an event that will make everyone happy? Sitting at home reading this while you could and should be walking through a ton of exciting and fun museums?

Well, look no further because I believe I’ve got the list you’re looking for! Although Osaka is jam packed with so many different incredible sights to see and experience, you absolutely don't want to miss going to one (or all) of these unique museums! Japan is home to a variety of special museums that you will not find elsewhere. You will discover that the museums listed are ultra specific to showcasing all aspects of Osaka. Absorb both Japanese culture and perspective through exciting exhibits while escaping the brutal summer heat.

Plus - Why not plan something that is guaranteed to entertain even the most energetic child or bored teenager? I assure you, they’re not the only ones that will have a great day. Heck, maybe you’ll even lose track of time! So read on for a guide on the most exhilarating museums you can bring the entire family.


Wall of Cup Noodles at the Cup Noodle Museum (Osaka Museums)

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Yes, you read that correctly. There is indeed a museum in Osaka dedicated to the delicious food we all know and love. Cup Noodle museum is located in Ikeda, Osaka, the literal birthplace of the first instant chicken ramen back in 1958. This quirky museum takes visitors through the history of Momofuku Ando’s quest to create the very first instant ramen and how it became the globally enjoyed food you see today. Within the museum, visitors can explore a recreation of Momofuku Ando’s work shed, an interactive Cup Noodles drama theatre, multiple exhibitions of countless cup noodle packaging and so much more.

After enjoying a long, mouth-watering walk through all the fascinating exhibits, you and your family can sit down and buy your own cup noodles at the tasting room. Vending machines hold both common, popular flavors and hard to find flavors which are available for purchase and consumption. Try convincing everyone in your family to get a different flavor!

Perhaps the most exciting parts, however, are the “Chicken Ramen Factory” and the “My CUPNOODLES Factory”. At the Chicken Ramen Factory visitors can experience the process of making ramen by hand. Afterwards, at the My Cupnoodles Factory, they can design their own original Cup Noodles packaging which will then be filled with actual instant ramen. Finally, your very own personal and functional cup noodles package is wrapped in an air filled package for safe transporting home. Let’s face it, there’s just simply no cooler item to bring back as a souvenir!


Museum Hours are 9:30am-4:30pm (Everyday except Tuesday). Overall museum admission is FREE, however admission to the Chicken Ramen Factory is 500-800 yen and 400 yen per decorated Cup Noodles Package. The Museum is usually not too busy but choose weekdays to better avoid crowds.


Visitors wearing kimono at Osaka Museum of Housing at Living (Osaka Museums)

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Next is the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, which is perfect if you’re looking for a more historical, culturally enriching and visually unique experience. This museum transports you to Osaka during the Edo (1603-1868), Meiji (1868-1912), Taisho (1912-1926) and Showa (1926-1989) Periods. This museum gives you the power to time travel and visitors will enjoy walking through a full size recreation of Osaka’s townscape during the late Edo period. The Edo period of Japan is the final era of “traditional Japan” before becoming more Modern and Westernized during the Meiji period. Additionally, there are interesting exhibits on the three other periods (that follow the Edo period) on the floor just below. See with your very own eyes how drastically and rapidly Osaka has changed over time. You also don’t have to worry about missing any information as English audio guides are available for use!

If you’re really looking to immerse yourself into the experience, visitors can easily rent a yukata (cloth summer kimono) to wear while wandering through old Edo style tea rooms and shops. Occasionally, the museum even holds cultural events such as arts and craft workshops or special performances. Keep an eye out for the regularly occurring Machiya tour, explaining Osaka during the Edo Period in more depth. Lastly, there’s no policy on photography so you’re free to take tons of pictures that will make all of your friends back home extremely jealous!


Museum Hours are 10am-5pm (Except Tuesdays and every third Monday). Museum admission is free for children (junior high and below), free for senior citizens and 600 Yen for adults. Aim to visit closer to opening or closing time if you want to avoid heavy crowds!


Space exhibit at Osaka Science Museum (Osaka Museums)

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Now, this would not be a complete museum list if I didn’t include a Science Museum. And yes, Science museums are everywhere… but trust me, the Osaka Science Museum does not disappoint! About a 15 minute walk from Osaka JR Station, this Science museum is a must-see! Home to four floors of endless excitement, a science show and a planetarium, boredom within the museum would be practically impossible. The Osaka Science museum first opened its doors back in 1989. It actually directly stems from what was formerly Osaka City Electricity Science Museum. This museum wowed crowds when it opened in 1937 as Japan’s very first Science Museum, a major milestone.

Speaking of milestones, the museum’s planetarium was also Japan’s first ever! With a recent renovation in 2019, it’s historical walls still hold up as one of the best in show. The museum is targeted towards Japanese speakers. But the emphasis on heavy visual and interactive exhibits will ensure that your family can still learn lots! The only thing that tops learning during the holidays? The fact that everyone is guaranteed to have a blast at the same time!


Museum Hours are 9:30am-5pm (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). Museum admission is 400 Yen (adults), 300 Yen (High School/ University students) and free (children ages 3-15). Planetarium tickets are 600 Yen (adults), 450 Yen (High School/ University students) and 300 Yen (children ages 3-15). You can buy tickets either at the museum or online. The museum recommends weekdays and mornings to avoid really big crowds.


Large octopus statue above Takoyaki themed Dotonbori Konamon Museum (Osaka Museums)

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This one goes out to the hard core Japanese food lovers out there. If you’re in Osaka, specifically the Dotonbori district, you’re in the best place to indulge in “Konamon”. Konamon refers to flour-based Japanese cuisine, the most famous being Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Takoyaki are small, round shaped batter balls containing Octopus. If you’ve tried it, you understand exactly why it’s so famous.

There are countless eateries for Takoyaki in Osaka but this one is special because it’s also a museum! In other words you eat, you learn and you can even make! The museum offers visitors a history of Takoyaki, Takoyaki sauce and other types of “Konamon” foods in Japan. Museum visitors can also make a (non-edible) wax model of Takoyaki or make the (edible) real deal as a treat for later. Then once you’ve had a go at making your own, your family can unwind and eat while watching the pros cook it! The museum is right above Takoya Dotombori Kukuru shop where some of the best Takoyaki in Osaka is made.


Admission to the museum is free however the wax model activity and Takoyaki both require their own fees. Open 11:30am-10pm (Monday through Friday) and 10:30am-10pm (Saturday and Sunday).


Slides and Play area at Kid Plaza Osaka (Osaka Museums)

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Are you looking for a museum specifically for your kids? Well, you’re in luck - Osaka has just this. Kid Plaza Osaka is any child’s wonderland. Kid Plaza is dedicated to helping children truly enjoy themselves while being educated. Similar to Osaka Science Museum, there are countless “hands-on” opportunities that cross language barriers. Exhibits and workshops are designed so that both parents and children can explore together. The museum is basically a huge indoor playground! Filled with slides, toys and costumes your child’s imagination can run wild. There are even little stations to pretend and explore different jobs! Don’t be surprised when your little one dresses up as a police officer, postal worker or sushi chef!

Kid Plaza Osaka is a perfect stop for parents with younger children. The museum is fully indoors to ensure that safety is top priority. Nursing rooms and changing tables are also available for those with babies and toddlers. There are some rest areas for parents indoors! This means you can allow your children to explore without worry or stress. School may be out but the learning can always continue!


Museum Hours are 9:30am-5pm (Open Daily except 2nd and 3rd Monday of each month). Museum admission is 1400 Yen for adults, 800 Yen for Elementary/ Junior High students, 500 Yen for Preschoolers aged 3 and up and 700 Yen for Seniors aged 65+. Re-Entry is allowed within the day so make sure to keep your original ticket!


Japanese Historical bridge and other exhibits at Osaka Museum of History (Osaka Museums)

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Finally, we conclude this list with none other than the Osaka Museum of History. Obviously the best choice for history buffs but truly anyone will enjoy this museum. The museum highlights Osaka city’s incredible growth. The museum features impressive reconstructions, colorful exhibits and interactive activities. Of course, the museum is a great space for children. Adults, however, will be pleasantly surprised to find lots in store for them. The museum is an excellent opportunity to get a crash course on Osaka city and even try on a kimono!

Once again, a hands on experience is core to this museum. A prime example is the “archaeological site” activities where kids can use actual tools and resources to find hidden relics. Although this museum is catered more to Japanese speakers, there are brochures, catalogs and audio devices in foreign languages. Plus, the visual spectacles are so worth seeing that you’ll regret not making a stop!


Museum Hours are 9:30am-5pm (Except Tuesday). Also closed from the 24th of December to January 4th. Museum admission is 600 Yen (adults), 400 Yen (High School/ University students) and free (Elementary/ Junior High Students).


Museums are the perfect way to explore and bond with the entire family during your visit in Osaka. With so many different types of museums to choose from, you will absolutely entertain and thrill your children but also have a fun time yourself.

Osaka has so much unique beauty and excellence to offer travellers from around the world. However, even if you’ve fully filled up your itinerary list, I suggest you still try and squeeze in a visit to one of these awesome museums. Museums offer a deep dive into all the aspects that make Osaka special and there are just so many things you can learn about!

Of course, on the flip side, if you’re desperately looking for ways to keep your family happy and busy, you’ve got 6 solid options to try!