Japan is a great place for drinking and having a good time. With tons of establishments to choose from it might be a bit difficult to narrow your choices. If you are looking for a unique and memorable drinking experience in Osaka that you would soon not forget, then this is the list for you. From the Umeda district to Shinsaibashi, and in the trendy Amemura area there are a plenty of weird and crazy bars! Here I picked out 10 of the most entertaining and unique bars in the Osaka area to help you have a wonderful and entertaining time.

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Maid cosplay is one of if not the most popular in Japan. @Home Cafe(At Home Cafe) is the most popular maid cafe/bar in all of Japan. Located in the DenDen town part of Nihonbashi, @Home Cafe is easy to spot with its giant pink ribbon and frilly white lining the entrance.

As soon as you step inside you are greeted with “okaerinasaimase” which means welcome home. Looking around as you go further in you hearts dangling from the chandelier, photos of maids lining the walls. The ceiling is decorated with @Home’s logo and a bunch of pink hearts. It’s like you just walked into a fairytale fantasy.  

Upon being handed the menu you notice all of the dishes and drinks are just cute and adorable. With lots of ribbons and animal themes you are sure to find them unique. I would recommend selecting the food combo, included is a drink, food item and a take home picture with a maid. Then it happens….once your maid brings all of food to you she will cast a spell on your food to make it even more delicious?!

@Home has menus available in English and some of the maids do speak a good amount of English as well. Furthermore, they also have vegan options as well. You will be well taken looked after and taken care of, after all the maids are there to serve their master.

@home cafe https://www.cafe-athome.com

M's Club Kita in Horie

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Japanese people love to play golf and they love to drink. M’s Club gives you the best of both. Play the most world renowned courses such as Augusta National, home to the Masters, or maybe tee off at St Andrews, home to the British Open. With the latest and up to date golf simulator you can sample some of the best golf courses while relaxing in a spacious and elegant setting.

As you walk in you can feel the elegance with high ceilings spacious sofa seats. With a large selection of Japanese whiskey, and an assortment of wines and spirits you will be sure to find the perfect drink to sip on as you play 9 holes or even a full 18. Be sure to watch out for those bunkers.

Kita Horie M’s Club https://www.ms-sg.com/

Concept Bars in Osaka: Shinka

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The next entry on our list is such a secret hole in the wall that the locals who live in the area don’t even know about it. The word Shinka comes from the word shinkai, which means “depth of the sea”.  First of all finding the entrance to this secret hideaway is a trek in itself. There are no signs of any kind. Nothing to even hint that there is a business establishment anywhere to be found(see the link at the bottom of the blog for directions). Because of it’s aura of secrecy Shinka is starting to become very popular, provided that you are able to find it.

From the main street you proceed down a long dark narrow alleyway till you come to a big metal door that resembles an airlock. Once you enter you will be transported to a different world. Like something straight out of an old WW2 submarine. You can just about feel the low pitched rumblings of the steel pipes and pressure gauges that adorn the walls.

Shinka is not a very big establishment. A counter with about 8 seats, and two small table seats. In spite of the cramped space the ambiance makes up for it.  I recommend that you sit at the counter and the Gin & Tonic is a MUST try. Given that Shinkas food menu consists of only beef jerky and mixed nuts be sure to plan ahead.

Shinka https://hirakata46.com/post-6105

Moon Tower Osaka

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Moon Tower is a space themed bar located in the trendy shopping district of Amemura. A hole in the where a lot of foreigners that live, work and study in Japan like to hang out. Moon Tower also has a live DJ on the weekends. With happy hour specials from 7-9 pm this might be the place to start off your night of partying.

One of the reasons that Moon Tower is a popular hang out is because almost everything is 500 yen. Yes a one coin bar! If you feel like blasting off they also have BIG intergalactic cocktails for 1000 yen. I recommend that you try the Backdraft. They also have variety of food, all priced 500 yen as well. Usually open till 3am on the weekdays, later if there is a crowd, and 5am on the weekends, is a must when you are out on the town.

A great place to start your night, hang out all night, or to end the night. With very entertaining bartenders, easy atmosphere, great food and killer sounds Moon Tower is a bar that you definitely have to stop by.

[NOTE: At the time of writing, this bar was closed. However, this closing may be temporary. Check online for updates before visiting!]

Moon Tower https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270202/27084835/

Lock Up Umeda

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If it is a thrilling experience is what you are looking for then go no further. Lock Up is the bar for you. Built to resemble a haunted prison, you will definitely have a unique experience. As soon as you step out of the elevator your waitress will be dressed in a mini skirt police uniform. She will then escort you to your table. The hallways are a bit dark and really do resemble in interior of a real prison. Each table is private table is a prison cell. The patrons are inmates and the waitress are the prison guards.

Lock Up has a unique menu with a lot of dishes. Most of them are uniquely named and may look a bit on the strange side. For example, the house specialty is aptly named “the devils left hand”. It is a herb chicken dish that is made to look like the hand of a legendary demon. I myself have tried it and it was very delicious and so was everything else I ordered. Once in while you might see a ghoul or a demon run down the hallway. Do not worry it is all just a part of the show.

Not only are the food items named and designed in a unique way but so are the drinks. Not only are the alcoholic beverages but soft drinks as well are served in scientific beakers and test tubes. Actually quite tasteful and very colorful. Lock Up also has a 10 minute monster show three times a night. Quite entertaining, but not recommended if your looking for a quiet romantic dinner. If you are looking for a thrilling, enjoyable unique dining experience then this is the place for you.

Lock Up https://www.lock-up.jp/osaka/

Space Station Osaka

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As a kid growing up I loved playing video games. Playing in an arcade, or at home I loved playing those old video games. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a die hard or hardcore gamer as a kid you must have played pacman at least once in your life? If so then you will find this unique concept bar fun and enjoyable. Space Station is my go to bar in Osaka when I am in the mood to play retro games. Nestled in a corner of Amemura, this hole in the wall retro game themed bar is a must for any avid game lover.

Although it is tucked away in a corner it is easy to spot. A bright LED stairway will lead you to the entrance on the second floor. Bright neon lights are the first thing that catch your eyes as soon as you walk in.


Retro game consoles are lined up neatly by the counter. You name it they probably have it. Famicom, Super Famicom, PC Engine, Sega Saturn, Original Sega 64. Donkey Kong, Frogger, Tetris, Super Mario Bros. Space Station has it all. Old School. Even newer gaming consoles such as PS4, X-Box, and Nintendo Switch. The staff here are multilingual and very knowledgeable. Matt the owner is from the U.S. and knows a lot about games. With very reasonable drink prices, no charge for playing games and most importantly NO cover charge Space Station is a MUST. With drink specials named after video games and their characters just looking at the menu will give you a bit of nostalgia. I won’t spoil what it is but, you must try their signature shot Hadouken.

Where else can you play a game of Donkey Kong while sipping on a cocktail aptly named Dankey Kang? Space Station has a very chilled vibe. With a mix of Japanese and foreign customers it is very easy to strike up a combination. The staff there are also very chatty so even if you go alone you are sure to have an enjoyable experience. Like everyone else you will probably spend more time than you had planned when you visit this retro game themed bar.

Space Station https://travel.gaijinpot.com/pc-and-retro-bar-space-station/

The Suite Osaka

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Last on our list is an award winning bar known as The Suite. Inspired by the The Great Gatsby and influenced by the glamour of old New York. Created in the image of and likeness of The Plaza Hotel in the 1920’s. The Suite is one of if not the only exclusive New York City themed bar and lounge anywhere.

As soon as you walk in you are swept away by the elegance and the glamour of the Art Deco era of the 1920’s. You can just feel the electricity in the air. Do not worry because The Suite does not have have a dress code. Jeans and a shirt? No problem. It is a come as you are type of establishment. Although the food menu is fairly quite simple it is devilishly delicious. I love the onion rings. Battered and perfectly fried to a golden brown. A perfect dish to go with any one of the drinks on the menu. The drinks are very tasty and very reasonable, price wise. Also be sure to try the specialty cocktails.

With live music on the weekends The Suite is perfect for any occasion. Weather it be with a date, a group of friends or co-workers. If you are celebrating a birthday or just a casual night out The Suite will be an night soon not forgotten. It will be unlike anything that you have experienced before.

The Suite https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270201/27092192/


When visiting new places it is always fun and exciting to go out at night and see what kind of bars are around. You can see things you normally will not see during the day. The nightlife is a way to feel the pulse of the city. Osaka is considered to have one of the best nightlife attractions in all of Japan. With an endless amount of bars, pubs and other drinking establishments it is easy go get lost in the fast pace shuffle. I go out and drink a lot and even now I’m still surprised at some of the bars that they have in Osaka. Way crazy and weird. I guess that each country and culture has its own type of uniquely themed concept bars. I hope that this list will help you find a place that suits your interests.