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There are many foods that everyone visiting Japan simply must experience. Among these iconic meals, steak is one that visitors to Japan are always excited to try. It provides a familiar taste for foreigners, and Japanese chefs are famous for preparing delicious steak dinners in unique and luxurious ways.

This is especially true if you find yourself in Osaka. The steakhouses in Osaka are some of the most famous and fanciest dining experiences you’ll find. Whether you’re looking for a high-class dining experience for an important date or growing homesick for more American cuisine, Osaka has something for you. Here are the top 5 of the hottest steakhouses to visit in Osaka.


The Top 5 Best Steakhouses in Osaka for Meat Lovers - Akami

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This steakhouse offers a dark, stylized atmosphere with a decadent menu. The moody interior makes it a great location for business meetings and other private affairs. Akami Modern Chop House also offers special dinner courses for particular events like anniversaries. With a wide range of different meats and flavors, this steakhouse has something for everybody.

Their Spring Lamb Chop is often cited as a unique dining experience. As for steak, their grass-fed tenderloin is exquisitely soft and packed to the brim with juicy flavor. If you’re in Osaka and need the perfect restaurant for important meetings or events, this is the perfect steakhouse. All that great food and atmosphere comes at a great price too, so don’t worry about breaking the bank.

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The Top 5 Best Steakhouses in Osaka for Meat Lovers - Wolfgang

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Probably the fanciest American steakhouse in Osaka, Wolfgang Steakhouse is famous for its elegant setting, and equally elegant food. This steakhouse is known for being such a luxurious location that simply being within its walls makes it worth the trip.

In addition to the luxurious feeling, you can expect to be served some of the finest steaks in Japan. The most popular item on their menu is the Steak for Two, making this the perfect place for an extravagant date, anniversary dinner, or even a birthday gift. If fancy steak is not what you’re looking for, Wolfgang’s seafood platter is to die for. After all, there’s no better place for seafood than Japan. All this luxury and high-class quality does come at a price, but you can be sure that it’s worth the cost. For the finest in fine dining, look no further than Wolfgang Steakhouse Osaka.

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The Top 5 Best Steakhouses in Osaka for Meat Lovers - Garden Oriental

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This Osaka steakhouse is the perfect place for anyone looking for a bright, fresh lunch or dinner that will satisfy their desire for luxury. Described by patrons as “gorgeous,” this restaurant has outdoor seating in a beautiful garden. The inside of the restaurant feels spacious and free, especially during the daytime. And the menu is just as fresh as the environment, with great salads, steaks, and seafood. Their famous Detox Chopped Salad is a nutritious dish that is quite popular with the ladies. The restaurant’s meat is just as natural as the garden, with delicious steak that is perfectly matured and sizzling with flavor. In addition to lunch and dinner, The Garden Oriental also offers a café and bar, so you can have the perfect drink with your perfect meal.

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The Top 5 Best Steakhouses in Osaka for Meat Lovers - Outback

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If simple and cost-effective is what you’re looking for, Outback Steakhouse in Osaka is an excellent choice for a great steak dinner. It has the quality and atmosphere we’ve come to expect from a classic chain like this one. But, it might not have that Japanese touch that the other restaurants provide. The steak is juicy, the bread is fluffy, and the Blooming Onion deserves to be as popular as it is. If you’re feeling nostalgic, or don’t want comfort over fanciness, Outback is the steakhouse to visit. And if Barbeque is what you’re craving, you’re not going to find better baby back ribs than the racks that Outback has to offer. If you’re looking for reasonably priced American steak in Osaka, Outback Steakhouse has a great meal for you.

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The Top 5 Best Steakhouses in Osaka for Meat Lovers - Cosmopolitan

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The Cosmopolitan is a high-class Osaka steakhouse with so much to offer, at a great price. With a beautiful terrace view, this steakhouse has a dinner course for any anniversary, birthday, or any other party you have on your schedule. Their lunch menu is as extensive as their dinner menu, while also providing a bar. Their food is as beautiful as their scenery. And they offer their luxury experience, but your wallet does not have to suffer the price of luxury. This steakhouse seems to have it all. It offers the American steakhouse experience with the elegant Japanese touch. It has prices that match Outback Steakhouse. And it provides a fancy atmosphere that you’d expect from the most expensive steakhouse in Osaka. Whether you are celebrating a momentous occasion or stopping by for some delicious steak, you won’t regret visiting The Cosmopolitan steakhouse in Osaka.

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If you find yourself in Osaka and you need the perfect steakhouse to meet your needs, Osaka has something for you. It has the fanciness of Wolfgang’s or The Garden Oriental. The stylish atmosphere of Akami Modern Chop House or The Cosmopolitan. Last but not least, the simple nostalgia of Outback Steakhouse. You can be sure you’ll have a wonderful time. And although these 5 steakhouses are some of the best Osaka has to offer, there are plenty more that have not been listed that have rave reviews and excellent food. It’s no surprise that a famous Japanese city is able to offer such a wide range of delicious and unique foods.