Japan is a wonderful place to visit. With so much to see, eat, and do, it is no surprise that Japan attracts millions of tourists each year. However, this popularity among tourists means that lodging can often become one of the bigger expenses. And especially for people on a budget, this can turn into quite the problem. If you’re planning a trip to Osaka and feel limited because of your budget, do not fret. We’re here to help you find a cheap Osaka hotel with a variety of interests in mind. There are several options to choose from, so you can make your Osaka travel dreams come true!


A prime rule when it comes to choosing a hotel is the location. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish on your trip, being in the right place makes things a lot easier. This can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with a country, so here’s a guide to Osaka’s two most popular neighborhoods.


Minami means south in English. As you might guess, this means that Minami is the southern area of Osaka. This area contains some of the more popular attractions in Osaka, such as Namba, Shinsaibashi, and Dotonbori. Kuromon Ichiba Market has everything you need for Japanese cooking, with tons of shops stocking your every possible need. Shinsaibashi is where you can find Osaka’s best shopping, with a mix of department and small stores. You can find some incredible restaurants in Dotonbori and walk the lit-up area at night for a fun experience. Dotonbori is home to the famous Glico man as well. If you’re into anime, feel free to check out Den Den Town. Den Den Town is Osaka’s version of Akihabara, the anime/manga lover’s paradise. Various electronic stores, merchandise, card, and gaming stores can be found in this area.


Kita means north in English, so this equates to the northern area of Osaka. This area is the other main part of Osaka, with lots of transportation flowing in this area. Kita is also a business area as well. JR Osaka Station is a main point in this region, with many of the area’s top restaurants and companies surrounding this area. You can find things such as the Umeda Sky building and Tenjimbashi-suji in Kita as well. Also within this area is Hep Five and the National Museum of Art. Hep Five is a shopping center that also has a ferris wheel at the top, making this a great place to visit.

Osaka Ryokan Hotel

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Yamatoya Honten is a ryokan located in Minami. For those unfamiliar with the term, a ryokan is a Japanese style hotel. Ryokans provide an opportunity to experience Japanese cultures, coming with tatami mats, futons, and Japanese baths. It is common for the ryokans to serve meals as well. However, if you have tattoos, be careful. Places can reject those with tattoos, especially at onsens/public baths, which ryokans often have. Therefore, be careful and make sure to check where you are staying for their policy. Yamatoya Honten asks that you hide your tattoo under clothes.


Yamatoya Honten offers a few different booking options that will alter the cost of your stay. First, you can choose from a Japanese style room with/without a bathroom. The rooms without a bathroom come with a toilet, but this means you will use the communal baths. You can also choose to include meals with your stay. Opt for either breakfast or dinner, both, or neither. Mixing up these options will all affect your cost. Breakfast starts at ¥1,500/day and dinner at ¥3,500.

The most no-frills option is the non-private bathroom with no meals. This comes out to about ¥6,600 a night. Prices can alter depending on the time of booking as well, so keep an eye out. Yamatoya Honten is right near Dotonbori, making this an excellent choice for those seeking a traditional option, but a great location as well. Consider not adding meals to your plan, as you can choose from Dotonbori’s many restaurants and add more variety. Though there might be a few options for a cheap Osaka hotel, this is the best for a ryokan.

Osaka Capsule Hotel

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Nine hours is a fun, modern option for staying in Osaka. You’ve likely seen the videos of tourists staying in capsule hotels in Japan. Fun, unique, and cheap, this can be a great pick for those who don’t mind a different experience. If you haven’t heard about capsule/pod hotels, you’re in for a treat. Capsule hotels are best for a one-night stay, as you don’t really have your own room. However, you can check out and check back in if you’re looking to stay for a few days. Let’s run through a few basics regarding this unique option for a cheap Osaka hotel.


Guests have individual, enclosed beds. A door/curtain provides privacy and cover for when you’re sleeping. There are different areas to shower, store items, and sometimes work areas as well. Each capsule hotel is different, but each one provides a unique experience at a lower price than a regular hotel. At this particular hotel, you’ll get a towel set, pajamas, slippers, and a toothbrush. They also provide toiletries in the bathrooms.


Nine hours is a chain hotel with other locations such as ones in Tokyo and Kyoto. Remember that checkout is at 10:00 AM, and they actually ring an alarm at 9:30 AM to remind visitors. Some people report that noise is not completely blocked out, but that earplugs are available at the front desk. People commend the cleanliness and overall low price that Nine hours offers. Prices are usually around ¥5,300 to¥ 6,500 a night, depending on when you book. This specific location is by Namba station.

Drop in Osaka

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If you’re looking to stay in the Umeda area but want a really cheap hotel, Drop Inn is a great choice. JR Osaka Station is only ten minutes away by foot, as well as the Sky Building. JR Fukushima is an 8 minute walk. Drop Inn is a hostel, but also has rooms you can rent with just a shared bathroom. There are options depending on gender and how many people are under one reservation. For example, there are bunk beds “dormitory style” with females, males, or mixed gender options. These bunk beds operate similarly to the capsule hotels, where there is a curtain for privacy. A laundromat is also present, making this a great place if you’ve been traveling and need to freshen up.

Drop Inn has bicycles available for rent, lockers, and a 24 hour lounge to relax in. The bathrooms are shared. Reviewers say the staff is very helpful and polite, and report an overall very positive experience. People love the cleanliness and free toast and coffee in the morning. Another bonus is that some of the staff can speak English quite well, making it a great pick for tourists. For only about ¥5,000 a night, this Osaka cheap hotel is a great pick, especially for younger tourists. This price can vary depending on when you book and your room style.

Hotel Osaka Hearton

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Sometimes you’re just looking for a normal “Western” style hotel that is still relatively cheap. This can provide some level of comfort for those who are traveling in an unfamiliar place. Hearton Hotel Kita can provide a quality hotel at a low price. There are different room options, ranging from single to triple rooms. Some towels, AC, TV, toiletries, and a mini fridge are just some of the amenities that the hotel provides. Early check-in and late-check out is available for a small fee as well. The hotel will store your luggage if you check in early, and also if you check out late. Just remember to get it the same day.


Prices typically run about ¥9,700/night here. Again, this is an average and can change depending on when you book. This price is based on the standard twin room option. Understand that hotel rooms are often smaller in Japan than they are in countries such as the United States. This is not an issue for most people, but keep this in mind and do not expect a large spacious room. Located in Kita, the hotel is a 15 minute walk to the Sky Building, and about 10 minutes to Umeda Station as well. Guests appreciate the convenient location and free wifi available. Breakfast is also available in their Kitano Garden on the first floor for about ¥1,300. This is a solid option for those looking for a cheap Osaka hotel in the Kita neighborhood.

Dotonburi Hotel

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Dotonbori Hotel is a great option for a typical lodging experience. As the name suggests, the hotel is just a few minute walk from all the Dotonbori action. Walk along the riverwalk and taste some authentic okonomiyaki and takoyaki while you’re in the area. Just a few minutes away, you can also shop in Shinsaibashi, where you can find anything from clothes to cosmetics.

A TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, and free wifi are all available here. Currency exchange and a concierge are also some other amenities, as well as a daily buffet breakfast. There are several room choices, ranging from single to triple beds. People also report free massage chairs, free ramen late at night, and free bicycles! Some people report feeling like the rooms are a little small, but again, this is quite typical in Japan. Prices can vary here, going from ¥6,500 to exactly ¥10,000 depending on when you book. Despite being a little more expensive than some other suggestions, the hotel does come with quite a bit of free perks. This is an excellent cheap hotel in Osaka, with a prime location to go along with it.


As with visiting any place, make sure to note the peak tourism times, which will affect pricing. March-May is a very popular time to come to Osaka, especially with the cherry blossoms. Therefore, some hotels are going to be more expensive than they otherwise would. Additionally, there will be more people and therefore longer waits and bigger crowds. Also, keep in mind the activities you are trying to accomplish. Make sure to check out a map of Osaka, so you can stay in the best location for your needs. This may include things such as being close to a train station, or being close to shopping. Planning ahead is always extremely helpful when it comes to planning a trip.


Osaka is an amazing place to visit. There is such a unique culture and aura to the city that other places simply cannot replicate. However, a downfall to such an incredible place is often the high lodging prices that come with it. But traveling does not always have to be expensive, especially when it comes to hotels. This list of cheap Osaka hotels can help you plan the trip of your dreams. With so many different options to fit every type of need, everyone can find something.