What is one of the most commonly used words when searching for a service online? I’m going to make an educated guess and say that the word “cheapest” is used the most. People love cheap things. They love cheap things so much that they’ll buy junk they don't need just because it’s on sale.

When it comes to booking hotels near Universal Studios Japan, there is no exception. The way that most people search for a hotel is by typing in “cheapest hotels”, and weeding through the options until something decent-looking shows up. There’s only one problem. Cheap things are cheap for a reason. And usually, that reason is a bad one. Aside from anniversary or renewal sales and discount bargains, cheap rooms at cheap hotels aren't always the good deal they appear to be. You might ask why. In response, I ask you to imagine this.


You are going to USJ, and you choose a hotel in Osaka that is cheap. You arrive at the closest station, then have to drag your luggage for ten minutes to get there. Once there, the service is subpar and checking in takes time, leaving you irritated and tired. You can hear the people next door as you try to sleep. There is no buffet or any form of breakfast waiting for you when you wake up. And the cloakroom won’t hold your luggage for you after you check out. From there you need to walk the ten minutes back to the station, find a locker big enough for your bags, and then figure out the trains to get to your destination. By the time you finally get to Universal Studios, you and everyone with you are tired, grumpy, and annoyed. Sounds like fun right?

Remember, you have to stand in line with these people for one to three hours. For each ride. All day. Fun? A word that starts with ‘F’ comes to mind, but it’s definitely not ‘fun’. Now the cheapest hotel you found doesn’t seem like the best option after all. But don’t worry, this list has been put together to save you from that doom. Not only are the hotels on this list reasonably priced, they also have high ratings. They have received many positive reviews from many satisfied customers as well. So here is a great place to find a cheap hotel that will leave you relaxed, satisfied, and in a good mood. Sounds to me like a much better state of mind to be in when starting out your day at Universal Studios in Osaka.


On a side note, please be aware that prices (all prices listed include tax) can change based on the season and availability, so the prices you see here might not always be the deal you will get. Please also be aware that different sites rate hotels differently, so you might find slightly different ratings than the ones listed here. Feel free to look up the hotels yourself, and find a good deal at one of these seven cheap hotels with high ratings near USJ.


7 Cheap but Highly Rated Hotels Near Universal Studios Japan in Osaka - Apa Tenma

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Rating: 4.9/5

APA Hotel Osaka Tenma is a five-minute walk away from Tenma Station on the JR Loop Line. (Some reviews online said it was more like seven or eight minutes walk away). Tenma station is only six stations away from Universal City Station and is home to one of the most famous shopping streets in Osaka. Here you can find many great places to eat and shop.

APA Hotel is a franchise of business hotels. While business hotels don't always have great ratings, this hotel, in particular, is an exception. There are relaxing rooms furnished with large TVs (large for a business hotel), and soft mattresses to help you get a refreshing sleep. While problems at hotels can’t be helped, the reviews written by people who did have problems said that the staff here were very friendly and cooperative, and offered them another room when the situation required it. One important feature of this hotel is that is has a large public bath, a rare service at a business hotel. Many people have said they were relaxed and refreshed by going here. The breakfast buffet also has many good reviews and is praised for having a good variety considering the price. Downsides are poor WIFI connection and subpar sound-proofing.

Here you can rent a room starting from 3,125 yen per person if you go in a group of four. There is a long stay service (24 hours from 1 PM to 1 PM the next day) for 4,700 yen, and even with the buffet breakfast option included, one person can stay here for 5,400 yen. This is a cheap and highly rated hotel near USJ that will most likely provide a good nights rest before embarking on a full day at the park.

APA Hotel Agoda Review


7 Cheap but Highly Rated Hotels Near Universal Studios Japan in Osaka - Hotel Kintetsu

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Rating: 5/5

Hotel Kintetsu Universal City is the second closest official USJ hotel. Here you can enjoy six great services. One, you can buy tickets for the park at your hotel. Two, you can walk to USJ within minutes. Three, you can get the latest info and updates about the park here. Four, you can buy original park goods at the hotel. Five, you can stay in a room painted and designed with popular characters from the park such as Woody Woodpecker and Sesame Street. And finally, Six, you can keep your luggage in the cloak before check in and after checkout, for free!

Staying at this hotel by yourself can be rather expensive (over 9,000 yen), but if you go with a group, the price gets much cheaper. The best deal is 5,500 per person for 2 people, or 4,600 per person for a 3 person room. There is also a family room where you can stay with 4 people for 4,400 each. Keep your eyes open for different coupons and time sales which you can use for cheaper rooms.

This hotel is the perfect place for people who aren't too familiar with Osaka. When you can see the park from your apartment, you don't have to stress about getting lost. If you want to have the full USJ experience at a cheap, highly-rated hotel in Osaka, make sure to check out Hotel Kintetsu Universal City.

Hotel Kintetsu


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Rating: 4.8/5

Simple Heart Hotel Osaka is one station away from Universal City Station. A few reviews said it is in walking distance from the park, but it might take about 30 minutes.

This clean business hotel is extremely popular, so finding open rooms can be difficult. If you are lucky enough to reserve a room, you can enjoy great service, rooms, and utilities, all at an extremely convenient location. Some rooms allow smoking, but these rooms have an air purifier, and the few reviews that touched on the subject said that odor wasn't a concern.

The rooms are cheapest if you go in a group. While a single room is about 6,500 yen, a twin room is between 4,400 to 4,900 yen per person. A double room is their cheapest deal, with rooms from 3,900 to 4,400 yen. I would recommend getting the best deal on this hotel by going there with someone else.

Simple Heart Hotel Osaka also has a number of connected rooms for families. A free breakfast of bread (eight types), salad, scrambled eggs, and sausage is offered to all who stay at the hotel. Another perk is the 1000 yen-worth QUO card present you will be given at the reception counter when you check in. You can use this card for shopping at convenience stores and various restaurants. This is a good choice for a cheap, simple and convenient hotel near USJ in Osaka.

Simple Heart Osaka Trip Advisor


7 Cheap but Highly Rated Hotels Near Universal Studios Japan in Osaka - Urbanty

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Rating: 4.4/5

Urbanty Nishikujo is located a one-minute walk from Nishikujo on the JR loop line. From here, you can get to Universal City Station in five minutes, and Umeda or Namba in about ten minutes.

The hotel is extremely reasonably priced considering it’s convenient location. As one customer pointed out, however, it is almost too convenient. Because it is so close to the station, the sound of passing trains might bother anyone trying to get to sleep early, or wanting to sleep in.

Another point to watch out for is that there are no shavers included in the amenities, so to the guys out there, make sure to prepare your own if you want to shave.

The cheapest single room here is 5,500 yen, which is a decent price, but not necessarily cheap. You can get the best deal on a double or twin room. A double room is 3,450 yen per person, and a twin room is 4,250 yen, both of which are very cheap for that location.

There is no breakfast buffet at the hotel, but instead each customer is given a coupon for a free breakfast of tamago-kake-gohan (raw egg on rice) at the Sukiya next door. There is also a convenient store very close by, and many different restaurants and izakaya near the station. Many satisfied people have said that they want to stay here again and is another good choice for a cheap and highly-rated hotel near USJ.

Urbanty Nishikujo


7 Cheap but Highly Rated Hotels Near Universal Studios Japan in Osaka - Hotel Keihan

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Rating: 4.9/5

Hotel Keihan Universal City is located right in front of the entrance of USJ. You can literally roll out of bed, down the stairs, and through the gate in the morning. Well, not literally, but close enough. This is another perfect hotel for anyone who isn't familiar with Osaka, and who is concerned about getting lost.

Like Hotel Kintetsu Universal City, this official USJ hotel has many great benefits that you cannot find at a normal hotel. The cheapest plan available now (and until April 30th, 2019), is 6,500 yen for two people, 5,300 yen for three people, and 4,800 yen for four people. The downside to this plan is that you cannot choose your room; the hotel will decide for you. Also, this plan is only for one night reservations. Most plans besides this one are rather expensive, and can cost more than 10,000 yen, so considering that this plan is a very good deal.

Breakfast can be purchased separately from 375 yen for adults, and 296 yen for children. According to the reviews, the breakfast here is exceptionally good, and exceeds other hotel breakfasts. If you want undoubtedly great service at an extremely convenient hotel near USJ in Osaka, take advantage of the cheap plan this year and go to Hotel Keihan Universal City.

Hotel Keihan Universal City


Standard room sample in Hotel Universal Port near Universal Studios Japan.

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Rating: 5/5

Hotel Universal Port is an elegant and high-quality hotel located a five minute walk from USJ. The service, location, room, amenities, shower, and breakfast all have received 4.5-5/5 star reviews online. There is a wide variety of choices for the breakfast buffet, which costs an additional fee.

This hotel is very popular, and is opening a new branch next door in July of 2019. If you have a large group of friends or family who want to go to USJ, Hotel Universal Port is a great hotel to get a good deal on a convenient and highly rated hotel.

The cheapest plan now (and until July 20th, 2018), is the family/group plan for five to eight people. Two 40-square-meter rooms are connected by a door in the middle to allow big groups to spend time together. If you reserve a room for seven people, each person can stay at the hotel for only 5,000 to 5,500 yen. Five or six people costs 5,500 to 6,000 yen. Any less people than this and the price will exceed 7,000 yen. If you and your family/friends are looking for a cheap and high-rating hotel near USJ in Osaka, Hotel Universal Port is a great place to look.

Hotel Universal Port


7 Cheap but Highly Rated Hotels Near Universal Studios Japan in Osaka - APA Tennoji

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Rating: 4.9/5

APA Hotel Osaka Tennoji is two minutes from JR Tennoji Station, which is two trains and about 20 minutes from Universal City Station. Right next door is the Tenshiba park and the Tennoji Zoo. Tennoji is on the same line as Kansai Airport, and is a great place to get a hotel if you are traveling from overseas or other parts of Japan.

The hotel is very clean and quiet, and the service is good. The cheapest plan avaliable is for a semi-double bed room, starting at 3,250 yen per person. Double rooms are also cheap, starting at 3,750 yen per person. One room is rather small, but it is enough for two people. It is further away than the other hotels on this list, but it is a cheap place to stay, and will not cause you extra stress or worries.

While this hotel does not have a public bath or a gift shop, or other outstanding features, it is a great place to stay the night before or after going to USJ. This hotel is also within walking distance from Abeno Harukas, which is the tallest building in all of Japan. If you want a cheap place to stay and don't mind being a little distance from the park (but close to a shopping center), this hotel near USJ in Osaka is a good place to stay.

APA Hotel Tennoji


When you plan your trip to USJ, please keep in mind that finding a cheap hotel is a priority, but more than that a place that is convenient and less stressful is important.

These seven hotels are all relatively cheap (some based on how many people you go with), and also have great ratings. They have relaxing rooms, helpful staff, and good services such as a nice breakfast buffet. The next time you are going to reserve a hotel near Universal Studios, make sure to check out one of the hotels on this list first!