Are you an angler back home? How about checking out some lively fishing spots while you’re in Osaka? Also, if you love to cook dinner and entertain your family and friends with fresh local fish, we are here to help you find lively fishing spots nearby Osaka!

Our featured lively fishing spots are located within an hour of Osaka, so you can fish all day and enjoy to the fullest! In addition to fishing itself, you can also enjoy a special, delicious meal with the fish you've caught! Osaka has a kuidaore culture, which means to eat yourself to bankruptcy. In fact, people of Osaka spend a lot of money to enjoy cuisines until they realize their money is running out! Enjoying the outdoor activity of fishing and then eating what you’ve caught can be an enjoyable opportunity to learn about the great food culture of Osaka.

Fishing can give you a whole another excitement apart from visiting museums, temples, and shrines. Learning history and culture at a tourist site is great, but why don't we explore the greatness of outdoor activities as well? As Osaka is surrounded by the ocean and has big rivers, we are blessed with so many locations to enjoy fishing in the fresh air. Let's go fishing to these amazing spots in Osaka!

Photograph of a fisherman showing off and octopus that he caught.

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Our first featured spot is the Osaka Nanko Fish Farm. It is located in the southwest region of Osaka and is the only prefectural sea fishing park throughout Osaka Prefecture. Since it was established in 1979, it has gone through a bit of development and currently has a 600-meter seawall as the main fishing spot. This lively fishing spot is within an hour from Osaka and is located in the South Pier at Osaka Nanko, open to the public with free admission.

Anglers will be able to catch horse mackerel, sardine, rockfish, octopus and squid at Osaka Nanko Fish Farm. You can take home the fish you caught, so we recommend that you bring a cooler box for storage and to keep your fish fresh. If you are lucky enough to catch octopus or squid, you can cook your own authentic okonomiyaki (savory pancakes). Even more cool, you can also cook takoyaki if you have the proper cooking equipment. Other fish can be grilled for you to enjoy a fish barbecue!


Osaka Nanko Fish Farm is a family and beginner-friendly lively fishing spot. This fishing park has a flat paved footpath, creating a kid-friendly environment. Moreover, there is also a kiosk and a resting room so the kids don’t get bored! Handrails are installed for safety as well. At the kiosk, fish bait is on sale and fishing equipment can also be rented for your convenience. Beginners are taught with basic fishing skills and rules by official fishing instructors every Sunday so that they could also enjoy fishing in Osaka!


Business hours differ depending on the season:

  • Open from 5 am - 7 pm between April -October
  • Open from 7 am - 5 pm between November - March

Primary School students and preschool aged children must be accompanied by adults, and junior high school students must be accompanied with adults from 4 pm onward.

Car parking is available for the following fees:

  • Free parking up to 30 minutes
  • 400 yen for up to one hour
  • 800 yen for over an hour.


You can access Osaka Nanko Fish Farm with public transportation. Catch the City Bus Route 16 at Ferry Terminal Station on the New Tram Nanko Port Line. The closest bus stop is Nanko Minami Roku(6)-Chome. From central Osaka and Umeda, you can catch the Osaka Metro train on the Chuo or Yotsubashi Line and then transfer to the New Tram.

Address: 6-9-3 Nanko Miami, Suminoe-ku, Osaka

Photograph of Amagasaki, where Amagasaki Fishing Park is located.

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The second fishing spot within an hour of Osaka is Amagasaki Fishing Park. Amagasaki is the neighboring city of Osaka on the west side of the Prefectural boundary between Osaka and Hyogo. Amagasaki Fishing Park was established in 1982 on the river mouth of Mukogawa, which is the city council boundary between Amagasaki and Nishinomiya. This lively fishing spot near Osaka has a 200-meter fishing pier stretching along the beach that is connected with a 120-meter pier from the entrance.

Since it is close to the river mouth, beginners are even more likely to catch big fish such as sea bass, perch, and black bream. In addition, these fish such as rockfish, fat greening, garfish, horse mackerel, and rust attract many families to fish here. Fishing at Amagasaki Fishing Park is a unique experience for beginners and experts as they have an equal chance of catching something big!


Like Nanko Fish Farm, Amagasaki Fishing Park has a kiosk and rental fishing equipment available, and beginners can learn to fish from experts. You can have lunch on the bench, located on the fishing pier, and in the management building. Alternatively, the Barbecue Square is situated in the Fishing Park that is open between Golden Week and autumn. The fish you catch can be cooked on barbecue grills or be prepared by staff. You will have to book in advance to have a barbecue. The number to call is 06-6430-6519.

Amagasaki Fishing Park also hosts fishing competitions in order to improve your fishing skills. You can even rent this lively fishing spot to host fishing competitions with your friends, family or colleagues. What is even more amazing is that the fishing park provides trophies for winners!


Opening hours differ by month as follows:

May, June and November: 6 am - 7 pm

July to October: 5 am - 8 pm

December to April: 7 am - 5 pm

Amagasaki Fishing Park is closed every Tuesday
*Except for public holidays: December 31st, January 1st, and when the weather is rough.
Admission is 830 yen for adults and 410 yen for children.


If you take public transportation, ride the Hanshin Train and get off at Mukogawa Station and take a taxi. A free shuttle service is available between Mukogawa Station and Amagasaki Fishing Park only from July to October. A shuttle bus departs the station's bus roundabout close to State Highway 43. You can visit the park by driving as well since Amagasaki Fishing Park has a parking lot available.

Address: 66 Hirasaenmon-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Photograph of a fisherman showing off a caught fish

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Our third fishing spot from our list is Hiraiso Fishing Park. This park is located in the west of Central Kobe and is within an hour from Osaka. Hiraiso Fishing Park welcomes fishers with their 1,400-meter fishing pier that stretches across the Osaka Bay. You can enjoy not only the fishing but also the views of Awaji Island and Akashi Channel Bridge. This large fishing park has two zones that contain different fish swimming in. Therefore, anglers can enjoy catching fish all day with fewer crowds, even on the weekends and on public holidays.


The West Zone of Hiraiso Fishing Park is between the Tarumi Fish Port and Hukuda River. It is a good spot for fishing sea bass, perch, and black bream. It's a bit far from the central area with a 15-minute walk. Because of this, we recommend using nearby parking areas if you have a car, bring your own fishing equipment. Many small fish swim around the central area, but you might get lucky and catch bigger fish there, too!


Lastly, the East Zone is near the beach and the Shioya Fish Port so its the best fishing spot for flounder fish. Also, at the corner of the East Zone is where you can catch sea bass, perch, and black bream. Make sure to get to the East Zone early so you won't miss opportunities to catch the biggest fish! This lively fishing spot is popular among anglers, so we recommend you get there early!

This lively fishing spot in Kobe has four small cafeterias for you to rest in. Vending machines are also available for your refreshment. Like the other lively fishing spots, you can purchase fishing goods as well as rent fishing equipment here. Outdoor barbecue facilities are also located at Hiraiso Fishing Park. Admission fees are 1,000 yen for 16 years old and up, and 600 yen for children under 16. Kids under the age of six can enter the fishing park without admission fees. These admissions are valid for four hours, and you can extend your stay at an extra cost.


Opening hours differ by the month:
6:00 am - 8:00 pm in August are the longest hours.


Car parking is 500 yen for up to four hours with an extra fee of 100 yen per hour thereafter. Hiraiso Fishing Park can be accessed with public transportation as its closest station is Higashi Tarumi on the Hanshin/Sanyo Line. Alternatively, you can walk for 15 minutes from Tarumi Station on the JR Line to this lively fishing spot within one hour from Osaka.

Address: 1-1-66 Hiraiso, Tarumi-ku, Kobe

Photograph of fishers fishing at Okumizuma Athletic

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Lastly, on our list is the Okumizuma Athletic Sports, where you can enjoy a small day getaway in the great outdoors with fishing and other activities. This fishing spot is located at the south of Osaka just an hour from Namba by Nankai and Mizuma railways. When you get off the Mizuma train at Mizuma Station, you will feel like you’re far away from the busy Osaka City. Forget city life and enjoy the fresh air!

Many rainbow trout swim in the mountain stream situated in this lively fishing spot. You can fish while enjoying the fresh air and then cook with the on-site barbecue equipment. Rental fishing equipment costs 1,500 yen and includes a fishing rod, fishing reel, bucket, feed, and barbecue grill. Alternatively, you can bring your own fishing equipment. However, you will have to pay a fee of 2,000 yen to do rainbow trout fishing. However, you don't need to pay an extra fee if you catch many fish. Customers are required to book the barbecue in advance and Okumizuma Athletic Sports offers barbecue foods and equipment for 2,500 yen per person. Alternatively, you can bring your own food but will be charged with a commission fee at the extra cost of 500 yen per person.


Enjoy your day with both fishing and athletic activity! The athletic zone here is the largest in the Kansai Region with 36 different obstacles, including a wooden bridge and wooden cable. There are no rules, so you can create your own activity with whichever obstacles you’d like! The suggested time to complete all obstacles is 75 minutes, and this zone is family friendly. Come enjoy it with a wide range of age groups! Moreover, you can also enjoy playing golf with nine holes at this lively fishing spot in the wider Osaka Region.


Okumizuma Athletic Sports is open from 9 am - 5 pm on Thursday to Tuesday. It isn't open on Wednesday, except for when Wednesday falls on a national holiday.


From Namba in Osaka, catch a Nankai train to Kaizuka and then transfer to a Mizuma train to get off at Mizuma. If you have a JR pass, catch a Kansai Airport or Wakayama bound local or rapid train from Osaka or Tennoji Station to Kumatori. From Mizuma or JR station, catching a taxi is the best way to get to Okumizuma Athletic Sports, one of lively fishing spots in the wider Osaka Region.

Address: 24 Kotsumi, Kaizuka, Osaka Prefecture


As we have introduced you the four lively fishing spots within one hour from Osaka, you could now enjoy fishing without bringing your own equipment! No more carrying heavy luggage on the train. You can just organize your basic items to bring for this exciting outdoor activity. What is special about these places, is that even beginners can learn how to do fishing with the support by experts at Osaka Nanko Fish Farm and Amagasaki Fishing Park! This will make sure that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy this outdoor activity.

Eating the fish you caught is the pleasing reward at the end which you can look forward to. At Amagasaki Fishing Park, Hiraiso Fishing Park, and Okumizuma Athletic Sports, you can enjoy eating the delicious fish right at their onsite barbecue facilities. With this you might enjoy fishing more than what you expected! You can enjoy a big day of outdoor activities at Okumizuma Athletic Sports with outdoor park equipment and golf.

Choose your lively fishing spot and make a plan with your friends or family! Then hop on the train to head for an adventure! You can surely enjoy and relax at the sea/river by listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. Come enjoy fishing at a lively fishing spot around Osaka!